Valentine's Day isn't just a day for single people to hide at home in shame, or for couples to fake romance in their relationship, it's also the birthday of some very famous and important people! 


Jimmy Hoffa: The notorious Teamsters Union leader was born in 1913 on Valentine's Day in Brazil, Indiana.  After moving to Detroit, Michigan as a child, he spent the rest of his life there, rising through the ranks of the truckers' union. When he became president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1957, he was already under heavy investigation by the feds for his cooperation with gangsters.  

At the time the Teamsters Union was formed, the trucking business and organized crime were hand in hand; any attempts to unionize the truckers necessarily meant doing business with criminal organizations. As the face of the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa also came to symbolize gangsters, though that was not his primary realm of influence.   Nevertheless, he spent much of the 1960s in prison.  In 1975, several years after Nixon commuted his sentence and released him from prison, Jimmy Hoffa simply disappeared.  He was declared legally dead in 1982, but to this day no one knows how or when he died. 

Jimmy Hoffa


Christopher Latham Sholes: The inventor of the typewriter was born February 14, 1819. Not only did he create the first typewriter, but he also devised the QWERTY keyboard layout still used today. 


Teller: The mononymous half of the comedy duo Penn & Teller was born Raymond Joseph Teller on Valentine's Day 1948.  He later legally changed his name to simply Teller.  Before he teamed up with Penn, he was a high school Latin teacher in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.


Rob Thomas: The lead singer of the band Matchbox 20 was born February 14, 1972 in Germany to American parents serving in the US Military.  After spending 10 years with the band, he left to start his solo career.


Edward Arthur Milne: Born in 1896, Milne was a British mathematician and astrophysicist who proposed the Milne Model of the expanding universe.  Since it later proved to be inconsistent with cosmological observations, his model was later rejected by physicists in favor of Einstein's model. One of the large lunar craters is named after him.


Gregory Hines: The American singer, actor, and dancer was born on Valentine's day in 1946.  Though he was active in many areas of show business, his fame was in tap dancing. As a child he toured with his brother and father as part of their tap dancing troupe.  As an adult, he appeared in nearly 30 films.  Hines also created National Tap Dance Day.


Michael Bloomberg: The three-term mayor of New York City was born february 14, 1942.  Most people know him for his political activities, but prior to becoming mayor he was (and still is) one of the richest American business magnates. He owns 88% of the business finance firm Bloomberg L. P., and in 2012 his net worth was calculated to be about 25 billion dollars.  Currently he is the 10th richest person in the US.


Renee FlemingRenée Fleming: American soprano opera singer Renée Fleming was born on Valentine's day in 1959.  Some of her most famous operatic roles are Arabella in Strauss's Arabella, Desdemona in Verdi's Othello, and Manon in Massenet's Manon.  Fleming has won two Grammy Awards for her singing and is considered one of the greatest sopranos of all time. 




Moon Lee: Moon Lee is a Hong Kong martial arts actress born February 14, 1965. Some of her earlier films include Mr. Vampire, Mr. Vampire 2, Angels, and Angels 2.  In 1989, she suffered serious burns on the set of the film Devil Hunters.  After that, she scaled down her cinema work to focus on promoting dance and creating a dance school.


Thelma Ritter: The comedic actress was born on Valentine's Day in 1902 in Brooklyn, New York.  For her work in supporting role she was nominated for the Academy Award six times, but never won. One of her nominations was for the role of Birdie in All About Eve.  She did however, win a Tony Award for her role in The New Girl in Town. Her television work included Alfred Hitchcock Presents and General Electric Theater.


Babur (Babar)Babur: The Julian Calendar date of Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur's birth is February 14, 1483; the modern Gregorian Calendar date of his birth is February 23, 1483. Regardless of whether you consider him a true Valentine's Day baby or a pretender, Babur is one of the most celebrated conquerors of Central Asia and the subcontinent, ranking with Genghis Khan and Timur.  In fact, he is a descendant of both Timur and Khan.  Babur left his mark in India by establishing the Mughal Dynasty, of which he proclaimed himself the first ruler.  In Uzbekistan (where he was born) and Kyrgyzstan, he is a national hero.