Asperger Syndrome is a mild kind of autism spectrum disorder that affects a person's social interaction and other behavior. The difference of Asperger Syndrome to other forms of autism spectrum disorders is the normal development of linguistic and cognitive ability that can be seen among people with this syndrome.

Other symptoms of Asperger Syndrome are physical clumsiness, intense interest to one topic or subject, inability to communicate using nonverbal cues, and lack of empathy.

There are a lot of famous people with Asperger's Syndrome, most of them succeeded in their field or area. Below is a list of some of the most famous people with Asperger's Syndrome.

· Albert Einstein. Although the Nobel Prize awardee showed delay in language, a symptom of high functioning autism, not Asperger Syndrome, most people think that it was not autism but Asperger Syndrome.

His parents were worried that he was mentally retarded because he still could not talk well or fluently when he was 9 years old. Also, he attended one event without socks, which is an odd behavior. And people with Aspie are known to have problems with finding the "perfect socks" that will not bother their toes.

· Leonardo da Vinci. This renaissance painter was a perfectionist, a symptom of Asperger's. He wanted so much to perfect Mona Lisa's lips that it took him 12 years just painting the lips. Hew as also ambidextrous, meaning he could use both hands at the same time without having any difficulty.

· Bill Gates. One of the most famous people with Asperger's Syndrome is the computer magnate himself, Bill Gates. Although there is no hard evidence yet that proves this, a lot of his inventions show Aspie tendencies. For example, his first invention was a machine that can count how many cars pass a specific area or point.

· William Shakespeare. The famous playwright spelled his name several times in different ways, an odd behavior which is one form of Aspie symptom.

· Marilyn Monroe. People with Aspie have tendencies to commit suicide because they cannot communicate well with other people in the society. Marilyn Monroe has been reported to have suicidal tendencies, depression, and other emotional problems.

There are also a lot of ordinary or common people who are suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. And what they need is understanding, compassion, and love, not teasing and ridicule from people who do not know any better and who lack the knowledge about this disorder.