Long before pink diamonds were a hit in the fashion and entertainment industry, it was already used as centrepiece to unique and very expensive jewelries for the royalty. One of the popular pink diamonds in history was a 9-carat pear-shaped pink diamond given to Louis de Bourbon by King Louis XIII in recognition of his valiant acts of bravery in the war which was later added to the French crown. Also, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was given a 23-carat pink diamond as a wedding present which was later placed at the center of a diamond encrusted brooch.

The fame and beauty of pink diamonds has been kept all these years. Pink diamond jewelry pieces have been very popular nowadays. One of the reasons for the sudden popularity of pink diamonds is because of its trendy and fresh look together with jewelry pieces. Women of Hollywood have been spotted wearing pink diamond jewelries to red carpet events and premiers.

One of the very first Hollywood celebrities who were seen with pink diamond jewelry was Jennifer Lopez. At that time, she was wearing a 6-carat pink diamond engagement ring given to her by her then-beau, Ben Affleck. However, their engagement was called-off and the pink diamond engagement ring was reacquired by well-known jeweller, Harry Winston and placed it back on the market for bidding.

Grammy award-winning singer, Mariah Carey, also got a 17-carat pink diamond as her engagement ring. It has one light pink center stone and is surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds. Because pink diamonds are clear and free from cracks, the center stone is cleanly cut like an emerald.

Another Hollywood celebrity who just recently sported a pink diamond engagement ring was Portia de Rossi. The pink diamond engagement ring was given by her longtime partner, actress and TV host, Ellen de Generes. Both got married in August of 2008.

Nicole Kidman was also spotted beaming on the red carpet wearing a four million dollar Bulgari pink diamond necklace. While in 2006, actresses Salma Hayek was also seen presenting an Academy Award while wearing a 6.17-carat pink diamond. Not to be outdone, Popstar Princess Britney Spears also has her own share of pink diamond bellychains and necklaces as part of her jewelry collection.

Aside from U.S. celebrities, pink diamond jewelries are also very popular in the United Kingdom. Some British celebrities who have sported pink diamonds were the Beckhams, runway beauty Helena Christiansen, and Cilla Black.

Of course Australia, the land of Argyle pink diamonds, wouldn't be left behind. Sabrina Houssami, Australia's bet to the 2006 Miss World Pageant, showcased pink diamonds as part of her sponsorship.