Best Streets to Visit in New Orleans

New Orleans is a famous city, and it is known for its famous streets. Most popular of course is Bourbon St., home to the the Mardi Gras parade and general debauchery year round. Beyond that scene, there are many other popular and famous streets to visit. Each street has its own mini-culture that will allow you to experience all the different sides of this great city! Here are the best streets to visit in New Orleans:
Source: Jan Krosnell, CC: BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons

Balconies along Royal Street at Dumaine, New OrleansCredit: Jan Kronsell, CC: BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons

1. Bourbon Street - Bourbon St. is the most famed street in New Orleans, and is the main street the Mardi Gras parade rolls through every February on Fat Tuesday. Even without the parade, the street is a crazy experience. There are dozens of bars, restuarants, and shops to explore, with a different theme for each. During night, the party really gets going with giant drinks sold on each corner, tasty food, dance parties spilling out onto the street, and people lining the famed balconies over the street. Bourbon St. is a must visit for at least one walk through; during the day if you are just coming to watch, during the night if you're there to partake!

2. Frenchmen Street -  While many claim this street is off the beaten path, that really is only comparison to Bourbon. Frenchmen St. is slighlty less touristy, and much less of a party-centric area to visit. The street is most famous for its jazz venues, and many locals can even be seen enjoying the shows. Frenchmen St. is also a great place to get cheap, tasty local food. There is also a market on the weekends to purchase local art. Be sure to arrive early because the music clubs are small and fill up fast!

3. Royal Street - This street is only a block away from Bourbon, but is miles apart in character. Royal Street is a great place to visit during the day to check on tons of cute shops and antique sellers. There are art galleries, beautiful architecture to admire, as well as street performers and excellent restuarants. For a slower paced trip, this is a beautiful street to visit.

4. Canal Street - Canal Street is a large street that is home to many large hotels as well as the aquarium. By far the most popular part of Canal Street is the free ferry that you can take across the Mississippi River and back. It is a short ride, but free for pedestrians. The ferry wil take you to Algiers, which is a great place to check out historic homes. There is also just a great view of the city from the ferry.

5. Magazine Street - This is another large street where you can check out second hand shops, cafes, and restuarants. This street is several miles long, so don't expect to see it all in a hour. The famous WWII musuem is further along this street, and is one of the highest rated attractions in New Orleans . Walking this street for a day is great exercise, and is sure to keep you entertained.