If you are a fan of daily fantasy basketball, then last night was a real treat for you. That is because a few of the top dog players were “resting,” which gives some of the lower priced players some quality playing time. Of course, when it comes to playing time, the more the merrier and, as a result, the lower priced players have the opportunity to post some nice profitable scores for the fantasy coaches that are smart enough to pick them for their teams.

Unfortunately, I got tied up at my regular nine to five and did not catch the news until it was too late to capitalize on the good news. That is too bad as I love playing lower priced players getting the rare start as it is so much fun watching them post 25 plus fantast points. Although I missed the boat, the winner of last nights $70K Tuesday NBA Swat winning team certainly did not. Indeed, “b152511” is due huge congratulations as he or she nailed it and posted a very impressive 344 fantasy points, hereby earning the top prize of $6,000.

As I regularly like to do, I have combed through the winning lineup in order to determine whether I can grab an useful insight into why that team was so good while mine was so bad. Of course, comparing the two teams side by side, it is painfully obvious that my team simply underperformed last night, while the winning team did not.

$70K Tuesday NBA Swat Winning Lineup

The Winning Lineup of "b162511"

Point Guard # 1: J. Teague – Last night, Atlanta had the benefit of playing against the Cleveland Cavs without the normal opposition that comes in the form of King Lebron James. Indeed, because he had the night off for rest, Cleveland had to rely on its second string of players such as Triston Thompson. Of course, that means that some of the studs on the Atlanta Hawks should have had amazing nights. Fortunately for those thinking the same thing, J. Teague was one of those players that performed exceptionally well thanks to the handicap. Teague posted a very healthy 46.5 fantasy points, including 23 points, 11 assists, 3 steals, 5 rebounds, while turning the ball over five times. In fact, while the double double is nice, Teague would have had over 50 but for those five turnovers.

Point Guard # 2: T Lawson – If you have been following my posts this year, you are no doubt aware that I am a huge fan of Lawson. However, he has not been doing too great as of late so I have been choosing not to select him and his $8,900 salary. Of course, if the salary stays around his current price, and he continues to put up 30 plus points each night, I may have to rethink that position. Last night, Denver actually lost to the Lakers but Lawson still managed to put up a respectable fantasy night. He scored 36.3 points, which consisted of 16 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals. Lawson was guilty of 2 turnovers.

Shooting Guard # 1: K. Korver – It is obvious that the strategy of last night’s winning team was to select three quality players from Atlanta to capitalize on James’ day off. K. Korver is another Hawks player that paid off in a big way. Korver scored 28.6 fantasy points on his low salary of $5,200. That is how you get the job done! Korver had 19 points, 8 rebounds, 1 block, and committed 2 turnovers.

Shooting Guard # 2: J. Johnson – Although Johnson’s salary has been creeping up as of late, it is not without a good reason. Last night was business as usual for Johnson as he brought home 38.2 points, including 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 assists, against 1 turnover. A double double from a $6,600 salary player is nice, especially when the scoring in the game was much lower than expected.

Small Forward # 1: S. Muhammad – S. Muhammed is extremely happy about the trades that resulted in his gaining extra playing time recently. Of course, it helps his cause when he constantly over-performs, both for his real life team, as well as the fantasy coaches that select him. Muhammed’s salary is now $6,000 and he is worth cent and more! Last night he had 42.2 fantasy points, including an amazing shooting night of 30 points. He also had 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, and only had one turnover.

Small Forward # 2: G. Green – G. Green is another player that proves you need to draft cheap players that post expensive totals. Last night was no exception as Green donated 23.6 points on his dirt cheap salary of $4,600. In doing so, Green had 17 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. Green did not have any turnovers, which certainly makes all coaches – fantasy or otherwise – extremely happy.

Power Forward # 1: P. Millsap – Millsap was another Hawks player that benefitted from James’ absence from last night’s contest. Although he started off very slowly, he came roaring back in the later part of the game on his way to posting 51.3 fantasy points. While his salary is $8,100, he certainly earned every penny last night and contributed 26 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Millsap did not commit any turnovers, ensuring that he broke the 50 point barrier once again. Unfortunately, Millsap has not been that consistent of late so I will need to see that he has gotten his act together before I am willing to trade on this one performance.

Power Forward # 2: JJ Hickson – Hickson was another player that came up big for Denver in its loss to the Lakers. He had 20.7 fantasy points on a salary of $3,900, and contributed 9 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 assist, and 1 turnover.

Center: A. Drummond – Although Drummond is expensive at a salary of $9,000, he is absolute money as of late. Last night was more of the same as he had 56.4 points, including a double double consisting of 22 rebounds and 17 points. Drummond’s stat line also consisted of 3 blocks, 2 steals and 2 assists. Just what the doctor ordered from the big Center!