One of the most frustrating parts of playing in any fantasy football league is the fact that after the games are all done and you are reviewing the winning lineup, it is evitable that you conclude “I could have picked that lineup.”

And the fact is, you could have. We all could have. And it is even more frustrating in one week leagues (or, more appropriately called in most instances, daily leagues) because you get to relive that feeling week after week, especially if you have not had the opportunity to cash (at least significantly).

Of course, that is trap that is fantasy football: it seems so easy! With that said, I have not been able to breach the top of any of the leader boards in fantasy football so I have decided to start analyzing the top teams each week in the hopes that I can steal some of their good ideas, or at least see what has been working from week to week.

Week 13 Perfect Lineup

Have you ever selected a FanDuel lineup only to realize that you had a bunch of money left over? If you are like me, that extra money was burning a hole in your pocket to the point where you rearranged your lineup and “upgraded” at several position so that you used up all of the allotted $60,000 salary.

In the future, however, we should all try to resist the urge to do so as the Week 13 Perfect Lineup (which no one played), only cost $58,600, leaving a whopping $1,400 on the table! Since that is sometimes the difference between and WR2 and a WR3, there is no way I can resist trying to spend that extra money. Reviewing the Perfect Lineup and its 287.12 fantasy points, maybe I should try harder to do exactly that!

Quarter Back: Ryan Fitzpatrick – This quarterback did not even have a job a few weeks back as he was playing so poorly that the Houston Texans benched him in favor of Ryan Mallet. However, when Mallet was placed on the Injury Reserve list after a season-ending injury, Fitzpatrick jumped right back into the starting lineup.

However, unlike his previous mediocre performance, he went straight into stud mode, tossing six touchdowns along the way to scoring 39.32 fantasy points. At a cheap salary of $5,000, those 8% of owners that were “smart” enough to start him were rewarded on a huge level. That delta between his price and value versus the average price and value of the other quarterbacks surely gave those owners the needed juice to get ahead of the competition. Indeed, he is the cheapest quarter back to made an appearance in the Perfect Lineup this NFL season.

Running Back # 1: Tre Mason – At a salary of $6,000 and playing against the Oakland Raiders, this St. Louis Rams running back was sure to be very popular. And he was. Approximately 39% of all FanDuelers selected him for their team, each of which was rewarded with a healthy 35.90 fantasy points.

Running Back # 2: Le’Veon Bell – For approximately $3,200 more than Tre Mason, Le’Veon Bell could have been selected for a total salary of $9,200. Of course, that selection was very popular and 32% of the gamers selected him. They too were handsomely rewarded with his 35.40 fantasy point performance.

Wide Receiver # 1: Deandre Hopkins – On the other hand, Deandre Hopkins and his rather expensive (at least at the time) salary of $7,100 was an afterthought to most people as he was selected a mere 8% of the time. With that said, he and Fitzpatrick were definitely on the same page and Hopkins contributed a huge 40.30 points to the team that relied upon him.

Wide Receiver # 2: Julio Jones – Even as much as Hopkins was a surprise, an even bigger surprise was the week turned in by Julio Jones. Indeed, his high salary of $8,300 turned off most people and he was only selected by 5% of the players. Five Percent! Well, those five percent were dancing as he contributed 29.60 fantasy points to their overall team score.

Wide Receiver # 3: Keenan Allen – Keenan Allen finally put together a quality game, something you would expect from his $7,100 salary. If you were one of the fortunate players to perfectly time his breakout week, you got to experience his 29.60 fantasy point day.

Tight End: Coby Fleener – Coby Fleener is a very frustrating player. He has mad skills and I expected him to have a breakout week two weeks ago against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of course, he did not and really hurt my chances at cashing. However, in Week 13 I opted to pass on him despite the huge upside of his cheap $5,800 salary. Can I get a do over? I really could have used his 26.70 fantasy points!

Kicker: Matt Bryant – Matt Bryant appears in the Perfect Lineup once again. I guess he really needs to be considered from now on. At a bargain price of $4,900, Bryant contributed 18 fantasy points. Can he keep the trend going?

Defense: St. Louis Rams – Finally, and not unexpectedly, the St. Louis Rams make an appearance in the Perfect Lineup, and rightfully so. They crushed the Oakland Raiders, shutting them out in the process and scoring a tremendous 32 fantasy points. While their salary was $5,200, I would say that they were worth every penny.

Week 13 Winning Lineup

Scoring a mere 35.1 fantasy points less than the Perfect Lineup, FanDuel user “tdow” should be congratulated on his/her 252.02 first place performance. However, do not go overboard as the $175,000 first place prize should go a long way in doing just that! Here is a quick look at the differences between his lineup and the Perfect Lineup.

Quarter Back: Ryan Fitzpatrick – 39.32 fantasy points

Running Back # 1: Tre Mason – 35.9 fantasy points

Running Back # 2: Le’Veon Bell – 35.4 fantasy points

Wide Receiver # 1: Antonio Brown – 27.7 fantasy points

Wide Receiver # 2: Kenny Stills – 24.7 fantasy points

Wide Receiver # 3: Demaryius Thomas – 15.3 fantasy points

Tight End: Coby Fleener – 26.7 fantasy points

Kicker: Justin Tucker – 15 fantasy points

Defense: St. Louis Rams – 32 fantasy points