FanDuel fantasy football is the perfect complement to season-long fantasy teams. I am sure we have all had seasons where, despite our best efforts and long preparation, our teams simply are not as good as we thought that they would be. There can be many different reasons for that. For example, if you drafted Adrian Peterson in the first few picks of the year and then snagged a quality wide receiver – say Pierre Garcon – you were probably thinking you were golden. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and neither Peterson (because he is on the Commission’s Exempt List because he is accused of child abuse) nor Garcon (because he and his quarterbacks suck) are contributing much in the way in fantasy points. In all likelihood, your season is over and you are probably playing in your league’s version of the “Toilet Bowl.”

Fortunately, there is now the option of playing in one-week fantasy leagues. One of my favorite leagues is the $75K Sun NFL Snap (Primetime). For a two dollar entry fee, the top fantasy point winner scores a very heathy $7,000 prize. Of course, there are prizes that range from the top prize all the way down to the 43,098th place (which scores $5, a $3 profit).

Another cool part of this game is that the only games that make up this tournament are the Sunday Night Football game and the Monday Night Football. That is nice as it gives the fantasy player the ability to try to pick the highest scoring game and then to select as many players as possible to try to ramp up the fantasy points scoring. Of course, there are certain rules such as the requirement that you need to select from at least three teams, as well as a limitation on selecting no more than four players from any given team. However, even with those limitations, there are typically many different options to choose from.

Winning Lineup (ruettiger11)

As I do with all of my lineup analysis, I start by first congratulating last week’s winner of the top prize of $7,000. Congrats ruettiger11, your team discussed below seriously rocked! The games for the Week 13 contest were the Denver Broncos v. the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Miami Dolphins v. the New York Jets. Here is a breakdown on how the winning team was constructed.

QuarterBack: A. Smith – Alex Smith was not a cheap option this week but certainly cheaper than the other two quality quarterbacks (Peyton Manning and Ryan Tannehill) and way better that the QB for the New York Jets, whatever his name is. Scoring 13.72 fantasy points, Smith tossed two touchdowns, 153 passing yards and even rushed for 6 yards. He did have one interception but with the weather the way it was, I am surprised that was the only misstep for this quarterback that still has not thrown a touchdown to a wide receiver this year!

Running Back # 1: L. Miller – Miller has been sneaky good all year and he put in another decent performance in Week 13. While he only rushed for 56 yards, he did manage to score a touchdown, as well as add eleven receiving yards on two receptions, for a total of 13.7 fantasy points.

Running Back # 2: CJ Anderson – While it took a few injuries for this running back stud to get his chance, he has been making the best of it ever since getting the call. This week was business as usual as he led the tournament with 25.5 fantasy points with a monster rushing day. Anderson rushed for a touchdown and 168 yards on the ground, and also caught two balls for 17 receiving yards. Even when healthy, I do not think Ball and Hillman win back the job. He has earned a spot in FanDuel lineups around the country, even at his higher price of $7,800.

Wide Receiver # 1: D. Thomas – It is amazing when a fantasy team owner is disappointed by a 15.3 fantasy point showing. However, I selected this player and I really thought he should have been more. His price tag of $9,400 is getting out of control but when he contributes 6 receptions, 63 receiving yards and a touchdown, it is hard to argue against picking him week in and week out. Peyton Manning loves this guy and so do I, despite the dropped touchdown pass!

Wide Receiver # 2: M. Wallace – As a long-time Pittsburg Steeler fan, it is hard to cheer for this guy. As a fantasy owner, he frustrates me more often than not. However, in Week 13 he had another serviceable night and provided 9.9 fantasy points, including six receptions and 69 yards.

Wide Receiver # 3: J. Landry – While I do not like the Miami Dolphins (despite living in South Florida), this guy is starting to grow on me, especially since he is a favorite target of the Dolphins Quarter Back. He was a very popular choice this week as 44.8% of owners selected him. He rewarded them with 10.8 fantasy points on eight receptions for 68 yards.

Tight End: A Fasano – I assume Kelce was too expensive so the winning team went with Fasano instead. Of course, Fasano scored 8.5 fantasy points by making his one reception count by getting into the endzone. Hey, sometimes you need a break to win the top prize!

Kicker: N. Folk – The Dolphins versus Jets game was sort of snore-fest and low scoring at that. However, despite the lack of robust scoring, Folk did knock down 9 fantasy points by kicking 1 extra point and two field goals under 50 yards.

Defense: Denver Broncos – The Broncos defense and special teams have been rather solid all year. Week 13 was more of the same and they gave the winning team 13 fantasy points. Holding the Chiefs to under 20 points, they also picked off Alex Smith once, sacked him six times, and recovered two fumbles. All and all it was a good night for the Broncos defense.