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5 xmas tree hangers

If you give the gift of beaded ornaments or other Christmas tree decorations this holiday season, shouldn't they dangle from the tree on something prettier than a hook?  Here are some hanger ideas that will make your gift extraordinarily special.  Hangers in department stores and gift shops can be very expensive but you can make yours for a fraction of the price.  Fancy ornament hangers don’t have to be costly or take hours to create.

Gather together old jewelry you don’t wear anymore, beads, bits of ribbon, and you’ve got the making for some dazzling hangers to pair with your gifts. Whether you match the hanger to the color and style of the ornament or create one that completely contrasts, the impact of this custom made adornment will linger for many holidays to come.

All of the hangers in this article were created with 20 gauge silver wire.  For really unique hangers try experimenting with wire in different colors.


colored wire

A turkey baster may seem like an odd tool to use when making ornament hangers, but that's just what I use.  The round tapered shape is ideal for creating smooth curves in the wire of different sizes.

What you’ll need:

Turkey baster

skinny marker

20 gauge wire


wire cutter

round nose pliers


E-6000 jewelry glue


Balanced “S” Shape Hanger

balanced "s"pink "s"

An “s” shaped hanger is a very basic shape that can be dressed up to look spectacular depending on what you add to it.  Use glass beads or Swarovski crystals to add sparkle.  A balanced “s” shape simply means the shape resembles the letter of the alphabet.

1.  Using wire cutters, cut a six-inch piece of wire. 

2. Create the upper bend in the “s” first.  Do this by holding the middle of the wire against the widest part of the baster.  Move your finger along the wire, forcing it to follow the rounded shape.  Don’t pull on the end of the wire to create the curve.  This will create kinks in the wire, which will be difficult to smooth out again.

step 2(68360)

3.  Once you have the “upper” bend, place the back of that bend against the turkey baster. 

step 3(68362)

Once again move your finger along the wire, forcing it to follow the curve of the baster.  This bend should be facing opposite the upper "s".

4.  Curl one of the straight ends of wire using the smaller end of the baster, a pen or marker, whichever size works best for your taste.   Move your finger along the wire to follow that shape, and curl the top of the “s” inward. 

step 4(68364)

5.  Finish the end of the wire by bending it around one extension of the round nose pliers to create a loop. (Another option - you can skip the loop and just glue a bead to the cut end.  See the photo above with the pink beads.)

step 5(68366)

6.  Slip two beads onto the straight edge of wire.

step 6(68367)

7.  Finish off the remaining straight edge using the small end of the baster or a marker, and then making a small loop with the round nose pliers.

step 7(68370)

8.  With a toothpick, apply a dab of the E-6000 jewelry glue on the wire near the loops.  Slide a bead over the glue and let the glue set to hold the beads in place.

step 8(68371)

9.  Hook one end of the “s” to a Christmas tree branch.  Attach your ornament to the other end.


Attach ornament


Altered “S” Shape Hanger

altered "s"


The altered “s” shape is nothing more than the basic “s” with one end larger, or shaped tighter than the other.  It also requires a six-inch piece of wire.  Follow the directions for the Balanced “s”, but use the smaller diameter of the turkey baster to make a tighter, and smaller curve on one end.

This hanger does not require loops on each end of the wire.  Using E-6000 jewelry glue, a large pearl is glued to the top wire end and a smaller one to the bottom.  An easy way to coat the wire end with glue is to stick it into the glue, then move the pearl over the glue.


Coiled “S” Shape Hanger

coiled "s"

With this ornament hanger, the coil is created first.

1.  Cut a 12-inch piece of wire.

2.  Beginning at the smallest end of the turkey baster, hold the end of the wire while you wrap it around the baster four times. Use your finger to curve the wire to follow the shape of the baster.  Don’t wrap in one spot.  Spread the four wraps out so each gets progressively bigger.

step 2 coiled

3.  Slide the wire off the baster. To flatten the coil, push it in the opposite direction, as though you were turning it inside out.  It may take a few tries, but the wire will ultimately become evenly flat.  Manipulate the circles if necessary so there is a somewhat uniform space between each.

step 3 coiled

4.  Place the straight end of the wire against the turkey baster.  Wrap the wire around to create the upper shape of the “s”.

step 4 coiled

5.  Put a bead on the wire and create a loop in the end.  You may have to cut off excess wire first.

6.  Use a toothpick to put glue near the loop and slide the bead into position.

7.  Make a loop in the wire end inside the coil.  Pull the loop out slightly to make it easy to hang an ornament on the wire. 


step 7 coiled

Christmas Tree Hanger

Christmas Tree Hanger

This pretty hanger can be made taller and rounder to stand on it’s own as a shelf decoration.  Unlike other wire hangers that curve to hook over the branch of a tree, this hanger has a looped ribbon that slips over a tree branch.

1.  Cut a 12-inch piece of wire.

2.  Starting at the smallest end of the turkey baster, wrap the wire until you have about one inch of free wire remaining.

3.  Remove the wire from the baster, maintaining its cone shape. 

4.  Make a loop in the small-coiled end of the wire and attach a red ribbon allowing enough space to fit over a tree branch.

5.  Add beads to the wire from the opposite end.  Use 8mm crystal tube beads with one red bead at the start and finish.

6.  Move all the beads snugly up to the top, then make a loop in the end of the wire to hold them in place.

7.  Shape the coiled tree by slightly bending or stretching the “branches” up on one side or the other until the horizontal shape looks even and the tree can stand on it’s own.

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