Fantasie bra

If you are a plus sized woman and you haven't tried on a Fantasie bra, then you have missed something. This company caters especially to the bra requirements of full figured women. Fantasie brings the best out of your full sized bust. Instead of making you hide them in a full cupped bra, it will give you the confidence of wanting to show them off. They give your breasts a nice shape and instead of sagging, your breasts will be raised and supported making you feel like a whole new person. Fantasie bras of the perfect fit will be not too snug and not too loose and feel like they are just right.

Fantasie bras are not just for everyday use. You can choose the strapless bras for strapless clothes or tube tops which you would not have otherwise even considered wearing as your breasts never looked good in them. Fantasie smoothing cup bras are molded for the smooth finish. When worn under clothes, they give your breasts a natural shape and they will look good without any seams being seen under the clothes.

The strapless bras have a cotton finish on the inside which will make them feel soft against your breasts. They have gripper elastic that will keep it in place and offers support for your breasts. Though most full busted people aren't adventurous enough to go around in strapless garments, once they try Fantasie bras, they will have the confidence to try any kind of dresses no matter how sexy or revealing they are.

Fantasie bras are available in all sizes all the way up to J. This is good news for all those plus sized women who go around trying to find the right size and comfort in their bras. Colors like ivory, black, white and nude are available. These colors can go under any clothing without being visible as in the case of bras that come with bright colored stripes and dots.

Full busted women with an ill fitting bra will not look good in T- shirts. With the Fantasie molded T- shirt bra, full busted women can go back to wearing T- shirts as the smooth seamless bra will give their breasts the support they need and gives them a natural look.

Fantasie Rimini are full cup bras with underwire, specially made for large breasts. These can be bought for everyday use and they can keep you comfortable and happy. Finding the right bra can be a challenge. Its not only about finding the bra of the right size, but more about finding a bra that supports your breasts enough to avoid unnecessary movement which can make you feel uncomfortable in public.

Bras that don't support well result in breasts bouncing which can lead to a lot of unwanted attention. Since Fantasie bras are designed with busty women in mind, all this will be taken care of and once you add these to your collection, all you will need to worry about is finding the right clothes to show them off as hiding them will surely be a thing of the past.