The thing about movies are that there are just so darn many of them these days. When they are in theaters they either lack the advertising or overshadowed by a box office buster. Sometimes they do not even make it to traditional theaters. Sometimes those movies that you skip seeing are just so absolutely terrible, but most of them are actually pretty good. Nextflix is good about housing those gems, but even on that platform, they fall through the cracks. Next time you need something good to watch on Netflix, try out some of these forgotten movies.

like crazy

Like Crazy

Like Crazy follows British woman and American boy as the fall in love hard during their time at college in America. It follows the small moments that make new love and love in general so absolutely sweet and addicting as anyone who has experienced will know. The couple, however, soon gets ripped apart when the British woman is deported for overstaying her visa. For those that have experienced the pain of a long distance relationship, this movie will absolutely destroy you.

Like Crazy is a fantastic movie about love, but it is ultimately a sad one. Sad romances are like a car wreck. You want to look away, but you just cannot.

jeff who lives at home

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

Jeff, Who Lives At Home is a serious movie starring two actors that very rarely play serious roles. Jason Segal and Ed Helms are absolutely electric. They perfectly represent two brothers in a family where one is somewhat successful and one is a slacker with problems. The movie is all about the slacker brother played by Jason Segal looking for signs of his destiny. He receives a phone call for a Kevin, who Jason Segal doesn't know, and believes that it was pointing him towards his destiny. So all day while on the way to the store for glue, he is chasing the Kevin-based signs to his ultimate destiny.

Jeff, Who Lives at home is an inspiring film about family and destiny. For people whose lives just aren't going the way they planned, it is a great watch. Plus Susan Sarandon as the mother! Never was there a more perfect aged actress to play a mother, at least not after the movie Stepmom.

take this waltz

Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz is a movie about love and relationships. Real relationships, not the whirlwind romances you typically see in movies. The story follows Margot who is a freelance journalist who meets Daniel, an artist by night and rickshaw driver by day. Daniel just happens to live across the street from where she lives with her husband Lou, who writes cookbooks. Margot becomes torn between her love for Lou and her love for Daniel.

Anyone who has ever had to choose between a love that is familiar and a love that is new and exciting can easily relate to this movie. Margot becomes dissatisfied with her relationship with Lou, but she then becomes dissatisfied with her life with Daniel and wonders if she made the right choice. Anyone who chucked an old relationship for a new one knows this feeling well. It is a nice change to see Seth Rogan in a serious role as Lou, but Lou still has some of that silliness that we expect from Rogan. It was a nice touch to give him a new, but still familiar kind of character.



Bernie should have been a hit movie, but there is just something about Jack Black in a serious role that turns people off. Seeing Jack Black in his neat little outfit and trimmed moustache probably drew people to the theater, but after realizing it was a serious film, disappointed them.

Bernie follows the true story depiction of the cheerful, helpful and all around liked Bernie Tiede as his life as a mortician up to the courting and murder of wealthy and disliked Marjorie Nugent. When Nugent's body is discovered he admits to the murder, but the townsfolk feel unprecedented sympathy for him as a nice guy and a man who used the woman's fortune to help the townsfolk. It is a great film that uses actual townspeople's testimony at times and does not take a moral stance at depicting the case. It also has Matthew McConaughey in a role where he doesn't take off his shirt to show off his ripped abs, so there's that.

god bless america movie

God Bless America

God Bless America is a dark comedy that people either love or absolutely hate. It follows the story of a middle-ages man who is divorced and lives in an apartment with thin walls, loud neighbors, and insomnia. One day, he gets fired and finds out he will soon die of a brain tumor. After which he kills a reality television star and goes on a killing spree with a teenage girl (there's nothing sexual between them). Because of the stupidity of media they only kill people who deserve it such as people who talk and take calls in movie theaters, double park their cars, and never discipline their children.

People who hate this movie, I am convinced, only hate it because they see something about the jerks they kill in themselves. They hide behind the guise that killing is wrong but later go back to watching violent television. So, yeah. It is a fun commentary on how utterly terrible media has become with reality television and stars who are famous because they are slutty.

butter movie


Butter is a comedy peppered with political satire about American politics. Though the political satire is hidden and you really need to think about it. Butter follows the story of a butter carving competition. Something that is stereotypically Midwestern. Laura Pickler is married to the best butter carver around. Her husband Bob has won the competition for 15 years straight, but he was asked to step down to let other people win. Laura takes this as a slight and decides to enter herself.

The movie may offer some political satire with a cast of relatively big name stars like Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Hugh Jackman, Rob Corddry, and Alicia Silverstone but it also has some absolutely hilarious gags. This comedy is one people skipped due to it being commentary on the Republican party, but it was still hilarious.