Income From Writing

Anyone is able to write an article and submit it for publication so it is vitally important to follow a few simple rules to ensure your article will stand out in the crowd.

Article writing is a great way to earn income from writing and ensuring that your article is not just different, but better, is the best way to maximise the potential for earning income. Article writing is all about providing useful content - that's why these kinds of sites are so popular. Readers just can't get enough of good content, so go on and read these tips to improve your article writing.

1. Know your competition - Don't copy other articles. Plagiarism is not a good thing and you'll eventually get caught out which could harm your reputation as a writer. However, a good way of improving the quality of your own writing, particularly when you are starting out writing articles, is to read other people's articles. Everybody has a different writing voice and if you focus solely on your own writing then you can easily find yourself becoming stale and you'll eventually find it harder and harder to get started. Discover which articles interest you the most and take what you can from them stylistically.

2. Write whenever you can - Practice makes perfect as they say and you will gradually develop your own style and voice. Writing whenever you can will strengthen your writing skills. Write as much as you can, as often as you can. You can write articles for publication but sometimes it's good just to write, even in a stream of consciousness style and then edit it afterwards. Learn why the good bits are good and the more you write, the better your writing is likely to become.

3. Proofread - This should be obvious. Use spellcheck. Read what you've written. Your reputation depends on your written work. Silly and slapdash mistakes are avoidable. Check and check again. Then maybe check it once more.

4. Have a great title - A title gives you something to focus on. Start with a simple title and write your article based on wherever that takes you. Then read through your article and see what you can change in your title to give it a unique twist. Remember it has to catch the eye to entice a reader in and probably be SEO friendly

5. Structure effectively - This is a basic rule for good writing. A good structure forces you to focus and deliver concise content. It also makes your article easier to read. Structure it simply, with an introduction, main body and conclusion. You can find templates online if you need help.