fantasy art

Have you ever looked at a fantasy art pictures and then been taken away to some other place in time? that is exactly what these pictures do to me when i look at them. As far back as i can remember my love for fantasy art has always been part of my life, at the age of 10 i was a avid collector of fantasy art pictures, my favorite artist is Frank Frazetta who to me was the most influential artist at that time and in my life and still is. I have had a many of his pictures on my wall as a child and also a 5 set volume of his books which I still have to this day.

If there was one thing that stood out for me was the realism that frank put into his work and how he managed to capture the imagination of the person looking at his art. My favorite picture would have to be the mermaids a amazing work of art depicting two mermaids in the act of making love, when i first saw this picture i couldn't help but stare for hours on end ,telling myself how the hell did frank manage to capture the beauty of this painting.

There is also another artist that stood out for me and that is Borris his style is very similar to franks ,but i personally feel that in some of his works you can see it looks a little out of proportion ,compared with franks artwork that looked real in color as well as exact proportion. But there are very nice works buy Borris that i do like, for instance there is a painting of a man with a tattoo of a dragon that comes to life and bites the man on the arm , what an extraordinary imagination Borris has got.
Today as a adult i still collect fantasy art i think it will be a part of who i am, for always, it 's good to look at these works because for me most fantasy art takes me away from the real world for a little while and i can just let my imagination run wild. I am still practicing and learning but the fact that you can put anything you think on to paper can be a type of release for me. You can find Franks main site on the web, do take time to look through his works and just simply let your imagination take you away.