Its getting really close to that time again, fantasy baseball season!  I have been playing fantasy baseball since 2004 and have won many of the leagues I am in.  I have always been a numbers guy and this is probably why I enjoy playing fantasy baseball so much.

 The first part of your season will be the draft.  Most people will tell you that this is where fantasy baseball leagues are won and lost, while it may be a huge part of it, you can completely screw up your draft and still win your league.  

 If you are preparing for a draft be sure to do your research.  I spend a lot of time in front of the computer for work so I usually grab a fantasy baseball magazine to get my strategies and rankings from.  I also like to use internet sources as taking information form just one source can be devastating.  Try to gather your sources together and create your own ranking system.  

 I like to try and plan my draft out, however it is very important to know that it may not go as planned.  Knowing what positions are very strong or weak in a given year can help you plan the perfect draft strategy.

The Best Player Available Strategy

One of the strategies I see used every year by at least one of my competitors is to always take the best player available.  It doesn't matter if that means you end up with 6 shortstops, take the next player on your ranking sheet no matter what.  The hope is that you can then take those extra players and trade for where you are weak.  Some people try to do this with a position that is weak so they can create a scarcity and hold all of the commodities.  

 If you do attempt this strategy be sure you keep track of the team managers that grumble or make a remark as you take there favorite plater.  These are the people you can easily target for trades.

Position Scarcity

Depending on the season their is always one position that is really weak.  If you can find this position and take a the best player in it early you will stay on top of your competitors.  An example would be to take the best catcher and second baseman because those two positions don't have a lot of depth.  Their may be a lot of better outfielders left, but you will have a huge advantage at those two positions.

One of the weaknesses of this plan is that you put a lot of weight on these star players  If you take a catcher really early and he gets hurt you will be in a lot of trouble.  

The Punt System

No matter which type of fantasy baseball you play, rotisserie, head to head, or points their are categories involved.  A strategy I often use is to not really worry about a particular category.  The easiest one to do this with is saves.  In order to get saves you have to get closers on your roster, if you don't bother trying to get closers you can use those roster spots for someone else.  This strategy is especially effective when it comes to rotisserie fantasy baseball.  

Their are many different strategies you can use for your fantasy baseball draft, the best advice though is to definitely have a strategy.  Having a plan will give your team structure and give you an advantage going into the season.