Collector Barbie dolls take the love of this iconic doll and transform it to a collection item that any adult would love to have. There are so many different lines and types of these collector dolls that it can be quite overwhelming for the first time shopper to look into it.


Today we are going to focus on the Fantasy Collector Barbie Dolls. These dolls take the world of fantasy and turn it into an artistic piece that is perfect for displaying. These models are so great; you can even build an entire fantasy collection for yourself.

Emoress of the Aliens Barbie DollCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Empress of the Aliens Barbie Doll

Pictured in this article, this design takes the world of Sci-Fi and merges it with collecting. This model was designed by Bill Greening and originally had a release date of 6/21/2012. It is a Gold Label Barbie and is no longer available from Mattel. This means that worldwide that there is no more than 4800 units of this beauty available. However, Empress of the Aliens is still available on Amazon.


Her outfit is a floor length dress that includes a great mixture of netting and reptilian textured material to look like leather. The whole look has an iridescent shine to it that helps to bring this Empress of the Aliens to life.



This collector Barbie has some great accessories. She has ornate cuffs on her arms and legs. This look is finished off with amazing heels.


Dancing Fire Collector Barbie DollCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Dancing Fire Collector Barbie Doll

This amazing fiery woman will be a stunning addition to any collection. This model was released on January 1, 2000. She is no longer available from Mattel and other direct retailers. You can check prices for the Dancing Fire Doll on Amazon to be able to add her to your collection.


Her dress was created of iridescent taffeta that is sculpted to look like flames. This layer is wired to permanently whip around the base red orange dress to give the illusion that she is on fire. This artistic image is all the more great with this added feature.


The accessories as always make the outfit. She comes with a beaded necklace, and of course earrings to go with it.

Water Lilly Barbie DollCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Water Lilly Barbie Doll

Imagine your favorite classic painting being transformed into a one a kind outfit. It would be living art. This is what has occurred with this amazing collector Barbie doll. She has been transformed to look like the famous Water Lily painting that we all know so well.


This doll comes from a mini collection in the fantasy series that has created designs based on artwork of famous artists. Her Barbie has a dress a print to look like the original painting. The multiple layers of ruffles wrapping around it give it movement just like the original image.


Beads and the flowers that are attached to the gown, give this piece of art its beauty. There are flowers everywhere in this design, even in Barbie’s hair. She was originally released from Mattel in 1997 and no longer available through them.


There are so many amazing collector Barbie dolls out there to choose from. Looking through the amazing pictures and descriptions will give you an idea of just what type of beauty that you can add to your collection. So whether you are just starting to collect Barbie or you are adding to your already growing collection, you need to get some of these Fantasy series today!