Cincinnati Bengals

The first quarterback I'll discuss is Andy Dalton.  One of the best things about Dalton is his teammate, AJ Green.  When you have a guy like Green to throw to, you can make a few small mistakes and not have to worry.  Dalton is getting some new weapons this year, with a rookie tight end that will hopefully get some playing time, and some young legs in the backfield.


As far as fantasy football goes, he will be the top of the heap in the AFC North.  He has the ability to spread the ball around, score plenty of touchdowns, and he doesn't make a lot of errant throws for interceptions.  The only problem is having to play Pittsburgh and Baltimore twice, but even that shouldn't dissuade you from taking him.


Most of the experts have him ranked between 14 and 19 and I have him ranked 14th.  He probably won't be your starter in a 1 QB 12 team league, but he'll be a great insurance policy for your starter, bye week replacement or second QB in 2 QB leagues.  He'll also be a great QB to have in a dynasty league.

Pittsburgh Steelers

What else can you say about Ben Roethlisberger?  He has been a solid performer for years.  He is a tough QB that rarely sits out with injury.  He generally doesn't get the giant points that some of the elite guys get, but he is almost guaranteed one or two TDs a game and decent yardage, while not throwing a lot of picks.


Big Ben did lose his number 1 playmaker, but with the guys he still has and the offensive system he's in, I don't think it should affect his production much, if at all.  He's ranked 16-20 and I have him at 17.  Like Dalton, not your starter most weeks, but good to have on your team if he falls to you in a good draft position.

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco, defending Super Bowl Champion QB.  I guess being the guy heading up the top team in the league doesn't necessarily make you the best option in fantasy football.  He has some up and coming weapons, and with Ray Rice in the backfield, it keeps some of the pressure off of him to be able to go out and make plays.


Like Roethlisberger, I've seen him ranked between 16 and 20, but I have him up at 15, ahead of Big Ben.  He's a little younger, a little quicker, and with a better backfield situation, should find himself having an easier time getting the ball to his receivers.  It seems like all the QBs in the AFC North are great insurance policies, just none having that elite quality to push them up into the top 12.


Cleveland Browns

Brandon Weeden is only in his second year in the NFL but he is almost 30.  He has a strong arm and decent accuracy.  The problems are, this is a run first team with last year's top draft choice Trent Richardson, and unproven playmakers to support Weeden.  Josh Gordon is suspended to start the season, and no one else has really stepped up as a receiving threat to help out.


He is currently ranked between 26 and 29 and I have him in the 29th position.  He really isn't worth being drafted at this point.  The season may change that if some of his receivers can step up and if Jordan Cameron can step up and be the Jimmy Graham clone that some have projected with his similar size and background.