Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been a top 3 quarterback for a couple years now and this year is no different.  He constantly has talent around him at the wide receiver and tight end position, even if his running backs and the running game as a whole has been a little to be desired.  He has a strong arm, great accuracy and enjoys leading his team.


He is ranked first or second in everyone fantasy football charts and while I think he is an elite talent, I'm giving him the number 2 spot. It has nothing to do with him or his ability as a quarterback, but I just think the guy I'm ranking number one this year has more going for him from a fantasy football perspective.  He is going to produce solid numbers again and will be a great addition to any team that is able to draft him.

Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford is a good quarterback.  What makes him even better is the phenom that he gets the opportunity to throw to in Calvin Johnson.  His size, speed, strength and hands make him an excellent target and helps small mistakes to be overlooked.  On top of that, the supporting cast in Detroit is becoming more talented and experienced, which should open up even more opportunities for him.  His biggest knock has always been his durability.


If Stafford makes it through the entire season this year, I think he'll be a top 5 quarterback in fantasy football.  He's currently being ranked between 6-7 in most circles and I have him in at number 6.  He will be a benefit to any team and if I were drafting and there were already 6 or more QBs gone, I would be making a mad dash for Stafford.

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler has never been known as an elite quarterback, but he's always been a productive quarterback.  His current problem is that he has one real target and it shows.  Brandon Marshall was targeted almost 200 times last year and if you can take him away, you really lower Cutler's chances of making a fantasy football impact.  The problem is that it's hard to limit Marshall between his size and physicality.  With some new coaching this year, Cutler will hopefully gain some consistency and move himself into the top 10 list of quarterbacks.


He is being ranked between 14 and 19 and I have him as my number 18 fantasy football QB.  He should have plenty of chances to score big on any given week.  He is gaining weapons this year, and Forte is a constant threat to break a big one on a screen pass.  He will be a great help as a bye week replacement or insurance for s top tier quarterback.

Minnesota Vikings

Christian Ponder just doesn't really instill any confidence in me that he should be an NFL quarterback and especially not a fantasy football starter.  He doesn't take many shots downfield and is best utilized as the guy that hands the ball to Adrian Peterson.  With AP in the backfield, you'd think that it would make things easy for a QB, but when he does throw, it is usually short or intermediate passes that don't generate a lot of yards or TDs.


He's currently being ranked in the 28 to 30 neighborhood and that's where I have him at number 28.  He really isn't worth being drafted, but as is always the case in fantasy football, things have a way of changing.  Ponder lost his top receiving threat in Percy Harvin, but there's always a chance someone else steps up and helps turn Ponder from waiver wire fodder to roster worthy.