New Orleans Saints

The talent at the QB position in the NFC South is the best in the league.  I have 3 quarterbacks in this division in the top 5.  Starting off this list of great QBs is Drew Brees.  As far as fantasy football quarterbacks go, Drew Brees has been a staple in the top 5 for years.  His ability to spread the ball around, make good decisions, and execute his throws has helped him put up some great numbers year after year.  It also helps that he always has great size and speed at the wide receiver position along with one of the best tight ends in the business right now.


He is being ranked at either 1 or 2, battling Rodgers for the top spot.  I have him as my number 1 fantasy football QB this year for a variety of reasons.  He gets Sean Payton back this year, he has the most talent around him, and he is just a smart and talented quarterback.  Depending on the scoring in your league and the format, Brees is almost worth taking over just about anyone, besides a few of the elite running backs and even then, it's a tough call.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton made it through year 2 in pretty good shape.  It started out a little rough and there were cries of a sophomore slump, but Newton was able to overcome the critiques and put together a solid year.  One of the major factors for Newton's greatness is his ability and desire to make plays not only with his arm, which is one of the strongest and most accurate in the league, but also give up his body and make plays with his legs.  It also helps that he's built like a linebacker, but can run like a running back.


He is generally getting ranked at the number 4 spot, but I've put him as my number 3, ahead of Peyton Manning because of his mobility.  Having Steve Smith to throw the ball to is an added bonus, since Smith has hands like glue and will catch anything you throw near him.  If only Smith could get some help besides tight end Greg Olsen, things could be looking even brighter for Newton.  You still could do a lot worse than Newton in the draft as your starting QB, whether it be seasonal, dynasty or keeper leagues.

Atlanta Falcons

Rounding out 3 great quarterbacks in one division is Matt Ryan.  Ryan is the beneficiary of probably the best receiving tandem in fantasy football today, in Julio Jones and Roddy White, along with having one of the greatest tight ends in game, Tony Gonzalez.  The addition of Steven Jackson to the backfield this year only helps his stock as an elite fantasy quarterback.  While I don't care for his nickname, Matty Ice, there is no doubting his ability to consistently score big, which is the name of the game in fantasy football, consistently put up the big numbers.


He is on just about every board at number 5, and that is where I have him.  He would be a great starting QB for any team that doesn't have the 4 guys ahead of him, and it would take the guesswork out of that position in your lineup.  It isn't like you'd be benching him on any given week, unless he's on bye.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In any other division, Josh Freeman would be the second, maybe the third choice, but he is in a tough division from a fantasy football standpoint.  When the other three guys in your division are ranked 1, 3 and 5, it's hard not to be the bottom of the barrel.  Freeman's big problem is his  consistency and decision making.  He shows flashes of brilliance, but also shows why he isn't an elite quarterback.  Now that he has Doug Martin in his second year, some of the pressure should be off his shoulders, and will allow him to continue his development and move up in the rankings.


Freeman is being ranked between 16 and 19 and I have him at 19.  There will be weeks where he will be worthy of a start, especially if your starting quarterback is on a bye, but the problem will be whether or not the week you need him will be a good week or a bad week.  I think there will be more good weeks than bad weeks this year, but the hard part will be determining which week is which.