Fantasy Football Headliner

Each NFL Football team carries more than 4 wide receivers on their starting roster. In most cases the number one wide receiver (WR1) is considered to be the most productive statistically or create match-up conflicts for the opposing teams defense thus opening the field for the second and third wide reciever (WR2 and WR3) respectively.

For fantasy football players, the most popular leagues rosters come in two flavors.

1) Start two Wide Recievers (WR1 and WR2)

2) Start two Wide Receivers (Wr1 and WR2) along with a flex position (WR3/RB)

Wide Receiver Cartoon

So similar to the "real" NFL, fantasy team owners must compare their head to head match-ups and determine who is the most productive. Just about every fantasy football draft has fantasy owners vying for that big name WR1, and from year to year there are an obvious 8-9 players that hold that role. So what if you don't get that big name consistent reciever? How can you find that diamond in the ruff or at least build consistency in the position? I call it the "Scoreless Stat".

The Scoreless stat for wide recievers is "Targets".

Targets are the number of times a ball was thrown to (or "intended for") a player. This statistics provides the fantasy owner some idea the number chances a player has to catch the football. Even more in depth, it gives some idea of a wide receiver and quarterback connection. History has provided some of the greatest QB/WR connections including: Joe Montana/Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning/Marvin Harrison, Tom Brady/Randy Moss, Troy Aikman / Michael Irvin.

The target stat not only helps choose the better wide receiver on draft day, but during the season as NFL teams flesh out their go to players, the scoreless target stat will help you pick up rookies and determine who are the up and coming players. A big boost believe it or not is to your bench. You can fill your bench up with these targeted players that let you cash in during the second half of the season. Or these bench players can be used as trade bait to fill another void on your roster due to injuries or bye weeks

Most websites and newspapers only provide the number of receptions, which leads to yards. For Point Per Reception (PPR) leagues a reception will give you a point in addition to the yards. So targets become even more important for PPR formats.

So while receptions and yards are a great stat for determining your first wideout, winning comes with the number two or three position on your roster and the depth of your bench. Use Targets as your scoreless stat to improver your team.