Automating Farmville means faster leveling, takes out the boring clicking and gives you more time for the fun stuff!

I love Farmville. I love seeing stuff grow. I love the gifts you get from friends. It may make me sound like a kid but I also love the crazy animals and cute decorations. At the same time, there is a downside- all that clicking as you plow, sow and harvest. Sometimes those fingers can start to smoke! And it doesn't get any easier as you go on. At the higher levels you need to do even more clicking if you want to earn enough experience points to level up quickly.

Pink cow in Farmville

Adopting pink cows is one of my favorite pastimes!

Automating Farmville

I started looking at ways to automate Farmville after I realized I was neglecting too many other things in my life. My family was actually starting to complain about the time I spent clicking away. Also, I realized that I wasn't having as much fun as before. I loved choosing the right crops at each level. I liked adopting the best animals, I didn't even mind visiting the neighbors and doing some weeding but plowing, planting and harvesting? They had started to get repetitive…

For a while, I shelled out on tractor fuel to speed things up but that soon gets expensive- and there is still plenty of clicking to do!


So I checked around for some free scripts of the kind that click automatically and take the labor out of online jobs. I was even thinking about writing a script to plow, sow and harvest myself. I like doing that kind of thing.

Then I noticed Farmbot which was already doing the very thing I was planning on producing. As soon as I realized that it was only a few dollars to buy, I gave up on writing my own scripts (those kinds of programs can take hundreds of hours). Instead., I bought one of the first versions of Farmbot. It was not a pretty program to look at and it was awkward to use. Having said that, once it was up and running, it did the job and the online support staff were helpful.

Soon I was storming through those levels

Farmville Bot

The Farmbot Interface

The only problem with Farmbot is that it regularly needs update. Those update are not so easy to install and sometimes they are slow coming.

Farmville Extreme Manager

That led me to look for something better and I found Farmville Extreme Manager. Again it was only a few dollars and it was recommended on a tech forum I sometimes use. If you ever use the program, the first thing you notice is how clean and simple the controls are. The next thing you notice is that this program can do a lot of different things. It can plow, seed and harvest. It can collect revenue from trees and animals. It can go after ribbons and even crop mastery. The updates are regular, automatic and pretty painless.

Farmville Extreme Manager

One of the best things about FarmVille Extreme Manager is that once have you used it to earn lots of coins, you can use it to turn coins into experience points. There is a simple plant and destroy trick that brings in a lot of XP quickly. Instead of waiting for a crop to grow (soybeans is the best choice) you plant them, get the XP then delete them and plant again. Farmville Extreme Manager can do this very quickly. Just tell the program how many times to perform the trick and leave it for a while to earn the XP. Soon you are shooting through the levels.

Some people worry about getting banned by facebook if they use one of these programs but it has never happened and probably never will. The bot only works on your computer- it doesn't hack into the facebook games or anything of that kind, so no one will ever know.

When I use the Farmville Manager

I don't use it everyday. I like clicking when I have the time. I can plan out all the interesting stuff I want to do and enjoy being in my Norman Rockwell world. When I am just too busy to put as much time in as I'd like, though, the bot is invaluble. It stops me from getting stuck on one level so I don't lose interest in what I am doing. It also brings in coins while I am asleep then I have the fun of spending them the next day.

Download Farmville Bots

So if you want to speed up Farmville, I would recommend Farmville Extreme Manager as my first choice. Farmbot is not a bad buy either but you might need a bit more patience to get it working.

Farmville Extreme Manager:


Farmville Sometimes you more than horse to help out around a farm. Sometimes you need more than a tractor on Farmville.

Free Scripts for Farmville

If you are good with computers you can try one of the free programs on this page: They are tricky to set up and there isn't the support that you get with the paid for programs but they can help with the boring jobs if you have some programming know-how.