Recycle Old Doors

If you love the country look or that rustic styling, then it is only natural that you would want farmhouse kitchen tables to add to this look. But what would be even better, is an original table that you build yourself.

You can purchase typical farmhouse kitchen tables at many furniture stores, but they are usually all the same, but why not consider making your own? Or have someone make it for you. Farmhouse kitchen tables, are typically pine or oak, and usually show the wood imperfections. They are a natural for the rustic kitchen, and if you can find the top, all you need to do is purchase the legs.

A friend of mine, created a stunning farmhouse kitchen table, by scouring the estate and farm sales, and found a large old door that had seen better days. It was covered in all sorts of nasty things that you get in a barn, but he surprised the owner, when he said he would like to purchase it. He got it for a few dollars. After cleaning off most of the debris, he put it in his truck and went home (make sure and bring gloves and a mask!).

Many of these older farms, can be a goldmine for old wood and other objects. As things are taken out of the house or barn, they are not always thrown away, and in this particular case, this barn was full of old wooden doors, workbenches and other things.

My friend is creative, so he was able to look past the layers of stuff on top and saw that the wood underneath was good, even with the odd knot holes.

After cleaning it up and stripping it, and then staining it a deep dark color, he then purchased colonial style country legs in unfinished wood, and successfully stained them to match, and added them to this door. When it was complete, he had a piece of glass cut to fit right on top of the door. (since this door had ornate carvings in it, and was not a complete flat surface for using as a table) and now he had a instant farmhouse kitchen table, and a really cool conversation piece.

The glass created the flat surface for eating on, and yet you could see the old world look of the door through the glass. Most glass cutters will cut one to size for you, and smooth the edges to make the perfect table top.

You could do the same with any large pieces of wood you find at these second hand stores or reuse it stores especially. Check your local newspapers for anyone having a “farm sale” or garage sales at any country properties. Sometimes you can find treasures at “country auctions” While everyone else is scouring the farm equipment etc, you can be looking for the beaten up doors and workbenches!

Not everyone can see through these beaten up pieces of history to find art or the possibility that they can be turned back into functional pieces.

His farmhouse kitchen tables, turn out stunning. He has done the same thing for entrance tables and coffee tables. Many of these older items, used solid wood, and if you can get past the idea that chickens, birds and layers dust have formed on these old pieces of history, and don’t mind the cleanup work, then you can create original works of art.

If you don’t like the idea of putting glass on your farmhouse country tables, you can also glue barn boards together for a rustic look. Or some of the old workbenches that were made from solid wood, can still come back to life with some sanding.

When my friend finished his farmhouse kitchen table, the farm owner wanted it back! He couldn’t believe that the old door that was left leaning up against the wall in the barn for decades could turn out to look like this gorgeous table.

  So, if you can figure out what type of surface you want for your farmhouse kitFarmhouse kitchen tableschen tables, whether it is antique or vintage wood products from years gone by, or the leftover pine from your last flooring project or whatever you want, then all you need to do is purchase the unfinished legs to go with it.Farmhouse Dining Table Leg - Pine (2-3/4'' Diameter X 29'' Long)

You can get these at many woodworking stores, and some home improvement stores, but you can also get them online for a good price. You get good uniform legs, that keep your table even, and not having to make these will save you a lot of time. Effort you can spend on the table top itself.

So, if you have a rustic kitchen and want some farmhouse kitchen tables to go with it, then consider building it yourself with a great wooden table top and some purchased legs, and you will have a one of a kind piece for your kitchen.