Facebook has been inundated with millions of new Farmville gamers over the last few months. One article recently proclaimed that there are now more people logging into Farmville everyday than there are logging into Twitter. Based on what I have been seeing, this definitely seems to be the case. With the rapid increase in Farmville players, this has led to many people trying to use Farmville cheats. I am here to tell you today that you should never ever use Farmville hacks or anything else that could get your Farmville or Facebook account banned. It is very easy to get your account banned, and you could lose all of your uploaded photos on Facebook. You could lose all of your personal messages on Facebook.

You are probably wondering how you could get your Facebook account banned. Many people are wondering about this, so we are going to discuss what you should never do in your Farmville game. First, you want to stay away from any website links that discuss illegal cheats. Many of the internet spammers and internet hackers are aware of the Farmville craze. They are writing viruses where they can inflict harm on peoples' personal computers. You could be the victim of one of these viruses if you start trying to download applications on your computer. The viruses could steal all of your personal information such as credit card information, bank account records, or even your Social Security numbers. The virus may simply hack into your Facebook account and start sending spam messages to all of your friends. You need to be careful of anything you open on your internet browser that relates to Farmville material, and especially anything related to illegal hacks.

There are a few cheats for Farmville on Facebook that will surely get your account banned forever. I have seen a bot where a user can get a computer to do everything for him on Farmville. While it may sound like a cool application, your Farmville account will be instantly shut down when the Facebook moderators discover your Farmville account. If you are lucky, you may be able to keep your Facebook account, but you might get that banned too. Another thing you do not want to do is to try to get unlimited coins. This can occur by opening up multiple browsers when you get a reward for more coins. If you do this, the game will likely just reset itself after you log off, but you might also get your account banned for doing this.

There are many Farmville cheats you want to stay away from in the game. There are plenty of honest Farmville strategies that will not get your account banned. I would use honest Farmville tips to get the most of your Farmville experience. I would make sure to do everything you can to keep your account honest so you will have a fun Farmville experience!

Farmville Cheats - Do Not Risk Getting Your Farmville Account Banned By Using Them