Farmville Cheat: Faster Harvesting

faster harvesting

Farmville (FV) is a highly addictive farming simulation game developed by the company Zynga and has become the most popular Facebook game since it's launch in June of 2009. As of October 2010, Farmville had over 56 million active players. That's a lot of Farmville farmers around the world!

Farmville (FV) allows it's players to plow, plant and harvest crops and animals. In Farmville, you can also have neighbors. These neighbors are your Facebook friends who also play Farmville. Farmville neighbors may help you look after your farms by fertilizing your crops, watering your plants and doing other tasks. You can also use Farmville coins or Farmville dollars to place buildings such as houses, sheds, etc.

I'm an avid Farmville (FV) player myself as I play every day. I must say it's a really fun game. The only issue that I have ever had with Farmville is the amount of time that it takes to harvest all of my crops, trees and animals. My little Farmville farmer walks around my virtual farm harvesting her little heart out, taking forever and a day to finish. I admit it, I get bored waiting.

I began to notice that when I use my harvesting equipment to harvest on Farmville the job goes much quicker. That is, it goes quicker until my farmer begins to walk around. (By the way, a harvester can be bought at the Farmville market. It does; however, require fuel to run. You can purchase fuel by using your Farmville dollars that are either earned or purchased through paypal). And so, I began to wonder what might happen if my farmer was not allowed to walk around.

By creating a barrier made with Farmville decorations, I was able to contain my farmer and prohibit her movement. Just as I had assumed, harvest went ten times faster. Now, the only annoyance was having to place her inside the barrier each time I logged onto Facebook's Farmville. No problem, I have a solution for this as well.

There is a fantastic Farmville (FV) cheat that makes harvesting go much, much faster! And, best of all this Farmville cheat is super easy to use. Each time you start your Facebook Farmville game up, you find your Farmville character standing in the center of their farm. This never fails.

Buy four hay bales or other Farmville decoration from the Farmville market. You can either use Farmville coins gained through play or buy Farmville dollars with paypal to buy decorations. Place the Farmville decorations around your farmer. This will prevent him or her from moving about the farm while you are harvesting and will make harvesting much faster.

By placing the hay bales or other decoration around your Farmville player in the center of the farm you have also eliminated the need to continuously do this at the beginning of each Farmville playing session.

As we say in Farmville (FV) , Happy Farming!