My Pot

This year (2010) for Saint Patrick's Day Farmville has added the extra mini-game called the Pot of Gold. The Pot of Gold is a pot that you can place on your farm to collect gold pieces from your friends. This Pot of Gold is very similar to the Valentine's Box that Farmville gave to players during the Valentine's season. All Farmville players can send their friends up to one item of gold each day. The more Farmville friends you have the more gold you can receive in a day.

There are two different ways that gold can be sent. You can send gold items through the regular gift-sending menu labeled "Free Gifts" at the top left of the Farmville menu. Each Saint Patrick's Day item has a green border with shamrock leaves on it. You can send a gold chain, gold bar, gold nugget, gold bear, or a gold coin. When you send gold this way, you get no benefit. The other way to send gold is by request. When in the Pot of Gold menu you can request that players send you more gold for your pot. When you receive a request for gold then you are offered a bonus for sending it. If you send a gold chain, then you get a piece of green fence. If you send a gold bear then you get 1,000 coins. If you send a gold nugget then you get one fuel can. If you send a gold bar you get 20 XP points. If you send a gold coin you get a mystery gift. You can get up to 10 bonus gifts each day.

Gold Items

The gold items are not just for collection. With a certain number of gold items collected, you can unlock different collectable items to use with your farm. At the time of publication, only three items are available for unlocking. The last three items are listed as "Coming Soon." The last three items will be revealed over the next few days and will be added to the article as soon as they are known.

For 10 gold items you can unlock a shamrock sheep. These sheep are green and have antennas that are shaped like shamrocks. For 20 pieces of gold you can unlock the spring cart. This cart is a wooden cart filled with multi-colored flowers. The third item that can be unlocked is the Leprechaun Gnome, which is a garden gnome. It can be unlocked for 30 gold items. For 50 gold coins you can unlock a Spring Pond. 75 gold coins can unlock a Lucky Fountain. If you redeem 100 gold coins you can unlock a Shamrock Castle.