Faro airport

Faro airport
Credit: www.portugalnaturally.com

A guide to Faro Airport- Portugal

Located on the most southern part of Portugal is the well known Faro airport, a popular and convenient location for travelers entering or connecting through Faro. There are many airlines that consider Faro as a point of entry/exit, with some of the more well known ones like British Airways which travels to London, Norwegian Air Shuttle that connects with Stockholm and Copenhagen, Swiss International Air Lines, which travels to Zürich and Lufthansa which makes the trip to Frankfurt and Munich, just to name a few on the list that keeps growing.

There is only one terminal that serves the airlines at Faro and that terminal covers two floors. Although not a large terminal by some standards, Faro is as efficient as you would expect, dealing with arrival flights to Faro on the ground floor and if you book a Faro flight out of this airport, this will take you through the upstairs section of the terminal. By all standards, the terminal is very modern and handles all forms of air travel, from chartered to foreign or domestic.

There are many options to leave and return to Faro airport, depending on where your final destination will be. Two major destinations close by are the city of faro and what is known as the Algarve, the favorite destination for vacationers in Portugal. While the stops are limited and the trips are seasonal, the shuttle buses are a great way to get to your destination after a Faro flight. Hotels also provide coaches, however, you would need to book in advance to have access to this form of transportation. Train stations are also an option, however, you will still need to hop a taxi or a bus to connect, as the closest stop is not necessarily within walking distance.

Some flights to Faro might find you delayed for a short period of time, making the need for refreshments a necessity while you wait. Travelers who decide to visit one of the establishments for a bite to eat will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of options to choose from, whether buffet style or cafe's, there is something for everyone. Even the children can find something to eat at one of the eateries.

Many travelers use their airport gateway to join in some duty free shopping and a Faro flight outside of the European Union is a great way to accomplish this feat. While duty free shopping may be a big draw at the airports, with the variety of shops located inside this terminal, shoppers could have quite a time while they await their boarding call. Faro airport also has a fair amount of much needed services, such as banking, and facilities for business and conferencing.

Flights to Faro have been on the increase for several years making its upgrade a necessary part of life. Over 40,000 aircrafts travel in and out of faro airport on an annual basis, with approximately six million passengers using this gateway to get from one point to another. Is there any wonder that faro airport is as popular as it is.