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Faryl Smith was born in the UK in 1995. She participated in the UK's Britain's Got Talent competition, in 2008. At the age of thirteen she wowed the audience with her beautifully controlled voce. However she did not win the Britain's Got Talent crown for that year. In fact, she was not even a runner up, but she has since won a lucrative record deal.

She did look a little older that her years, as she was tall for her age, but what astounded viewers the most was that her voice was very grown up. Despite the interest expressed by one of the judges, namely Simon Cowell, Faryl decided to sign for a different record label to Cowells'.

She choose Decca as, at the time, one of her idols, Katherine Jenkins, was with the same label. Faryl also felt that Decca's recording history was more in line with her style of music. Faryl's debut album was released in early March 2009 and it has been highly successful.

Faryl has a mezzo-soprano singing voice which belies her age. Although it is easy to tell that Faryl is young, just how young is surprising. She is a confident performer who appears both charming and down to earth, and also exceptionally talented and professional.

All of this is amazing when you consider that she is still at school. Seeing her perform recently on the television, it was obvious that, in the months since Britain's Got Talent, Faryl has progressed immensely.

Faryl Smith's debut album is simply called Faryl and is a collection of beautiful songs from various genres of music. However, they are sung in a light operatic way and her voice suits the arrangements well. The result is crisp clear vocals that have depth and quality.

The track listing is:-

1 - Amazing Grace.

2 - The river of light(Blue Danube)

3 - Ave Maria.

4 - Annie's song.

5 - A nightingale sang in Berkley Square.

6 - Mother of God. Here I stand.

7 - Shenandoah.

8 - Brahms' Lullaby.

9 - Calon Lan.

10 - How can I keep from singing.

11 - Somewhere.

12 - The way old friends do.

Each track is as good as the last. This mixture of classical, religious and folk music is perfect. Faryl's rendition of John Denver's Annie's Song makes it feel fresh and new. My favourite track is The Blue Danube but each track is equally good.

The CD is available on the high street for around ten pounds. Personally I think this CD is a great start for Faryl and I imagine we will see, and hear her, blossom over the years to come as she fulfils her potential.

In Closing

Faryl has her own site online where you can learn more about her, receive updates, join competitions and more. Faryl enjoyed the number one spot in the UK contemporary chart, of Classics and Jazz online, earlier in 2009.

Recommended listening.