Jersey Shore(108690)

As one of the year’s best tourist spots, New Jersey offers a blend of nature, fascinating art, and culture to every visitor. The shore of New Jersey, located along the Atlantic coast, is a must visit destination for any traveler. Only along the Jersey shores can one find an eclectic art gallery nestled among historic buildings. A priceless opportunity, a visit to the Jersey shores is where modern meets the past. With its contemporary high rise structures and classic architecture, the state uniquely combines its historic past with its exciting future. Known for its resorts and hotels, New Jersey creates a welcoming atmosphere that keeps people coming back. Among the most popular resorts in the area is Atlantic City.

The luxurious Boutique Hotel is a popular destination that features 24 guest rooms.  Accommodations include multi-colored accents, king-size beds, and large living rooms. Designed with comfort in mind, you will feel right at home during your stay.  Each room includes exquisite kitchens and marvelous fireplaces. For those seeking a relaxing and luxurious get-away, this hotel will fit the bill.

The Hotel Tides near Asbury Park is perfectly situated near the coast. This is a place where guests can enjoy fine delicacies at nearby restaurants in Atlantic City. They serve a variety of delicious snacks and side dishes like Steak Fries and Blue Cheese Salad. Guests can look forward to comfortable rooms as well as modern amenities, including flat screen TV’s and iPod docking stations. The quality of service rendered by the hotel staff is worth taking note of also.

Blended with classic and advanced architecture, the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City combines modern times with older traditions that never die. This is a 20-story building built with delicately designed floor plans that include classy fireplace lounges and bath houses along poolside cafes. This hotel is also surrounded by amazing amenities such as night clubs, Atlantic City concerts, and spa and fitness centers. Atlantic City events, including sports and festivals, are renowned as a tourist attraction among guests and visitors. Various recreational spots that can be found within a short distance include: fun arcades, pizza shops, seafood restaurants, and amusement parks.

Becoming close to nature is one of the best ways get away from the daily hassles of life. Besides impressive hotels, there are also popular beaches that include yoga. The Jersey shores provide the utmost yoga experience for all of its guests. Wildwood Beach faces beautiful mountaineering spots and picturesque Victorian architecture that can be seen in nearby Cape May. The Jersey shores have been regarded as one of America’s best entertainment facilities. This world class hotspot is being sought after by tourists from all across the globe.

The Jersey shores are even more special because of the many surrounding medical institutions nearby. Manned by some of the best doctors in the U.S., this area is well-known for providing the best healthcare delivery systems. Out of 20,000 medical practitioners in New Jersey, 785 reside or are practicing within the Jersey Shores area. They also offer 69 specializations for a wide variety of medical fields. From statistics based on the U.S. Census Bureau, NJ ranked having the seventh lowest mortality rate or least number of deaths in the lower 48 states. NJ also ranked eighth in 50 states in the total number of doctors over 1,000. The same survey reported low crime rates, which is why the Jersey shores are considered to be one of the best places to live.

The Jersey shores are not only known for top-notch doctors but it is also where the best schools are built. According to data provided by the National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, New Jersey’s high school rankings are quite inspiring. It has some of the top middle and high schools in the country. It also ranked fourth in the lowest student to teacher ratio according to data provided by the IES National Center for Education Statistics. The Essex County school system continues to top New Jersey’s monthly school rankings.

If you are thinking of taking a long vacation to the Jersey Shores, it may be a good idea to check the monthly publications that you can find in New Jersey. The authors never run out of new issues that provide the best that New Jersey has to offer. These magazines are the best sources for the most recent and authentic information about the newest art and culture updates on the Jersey Shores. They offer high quality written content for all seasons, featuring NJ restaurants, people, lifestyles, and Atlantic City news. They also include a list of the best towns, schools, events, and so much more.