When planning to travel internationally, packing certain types of clothes may play a role in your level of comfort and pleasure at your destination. There are some tips to consider when preparing for your trip.Not only will you want sufficient clothes to meet your needs, but you'll want to take local custFashion for International TravelCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cubagallery/5046133357/oms  into consideration as well.

Before you leave for your vacation, it’s a good idea to stay fashion-conscious.  Traveling to a hot tourist-spot where you’ll likely be surrounded by mostly locals warrant a certain style of clothing, depending on weather, local customs, and the purpose for your trip.  A business visit or destination off the beaten path might prompt you to research the current styles and trends of that country, to help you to avoid immediately being spotted for a tourist, foreigner, or outsider.

Dressing for the Occasion

Your fashion choices for an overseas trip should reflect the purpose for your arrival.  If you’re on vacation, you’ll want comfortable clothes that are trendy and in style with those who’ll be around you.  Business trips may require dress-wear, but remember to pack casual clothes as well.  Bring layers in case of weather changes or cool air-conditioning on a long flight.  Pack as lightly as possible, bringing items that mix and match well.

Research Styles

It may be of benefit for you to check local newspaper clippings or online blogs based in the country you’ll be visiting.  You could pick up tips, ideas and fashion advice for the type of clothing you should pack and what you should leave at home.  For example, many people in other countries prefer not to wear shorts.

Respect Customs

If the particular country you’ll be visiting is known for certain fashion customs, you’ll want to be as respectful as possible.  Many countries have rules regarding certain types of clothing and some even differing by gender.  Take the time to find out if there are specific religious customs or fashion faux pas in your destination country.  Decide if you’d prefer to follow these customs while you are there and search for styles that will blend in.