Kid on Ipad playing Fashion Design Games
Credit: Marcus Kwan via Flickr

Fashion Design Games for Kids

With the technology available today, most of our kids spend their free time playing games on their Smartphones, tablets, or PCs. For kids who love casual games and fashion design, it is difficult to find one that is not overly complicated or will be a good fit for them. We want a game that will help improve their knowledge about fashion. Well, here is a list of the most enjoyable fashion design games on the internet that you and your kids will definitely get addicted to playing.

Super Sneakers

Super sneakers is a 2D flash game that allows players to completely design a sneaker. You will surely enjoy picking colors, creating patterns, and making graffiti art with this game. The down side though is that you can’t add additional designs since this game only has predetermined clip artworks.

Fashion Sketchbook

Play this virtual sketchbook and you will be able to make fashion styles with its template drawing feature. Choose different types of tops, bottoms or shoes you want your paper model to look like. Colour the outfit using the crayons at the bottom of the screen, so that you’ll get to see how your outfit would look like with the colours you selected.

Clothing Designer

Clothing Designer lets you colour and design 4 types of tees. Just pick a colour and stroke your brush on top of the tee. Each stroke comes out with a different type of design like swirls, lines, etc., so no same shirt will ever be the same. Aside from different designs on each stroke, each colour comes with different patterns so you might see leaves under the green colour but not in the pink colour.

My Running Shoes

Another 2D flash game, My Running Shoes allows you to customize your running shoes. Just like the other games, this application allows you to colour or create a pattern. Kids will surely like this game as they can also pick socks (even tattoos), so they won’t easily get bored with just picking colours and patterns.

Kids nowadays have fun playing these gadgets instead of doing physical activities. There is nothing wrong with that, but just remember to have an adult supervise them, especially if they have questions. Enjoy and have fun playing these fashion design games with your kids.

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