Eyeshadow is one of the only types of cosmetic that is used by pretty much every woman across the globe. Not all women wear full make-up but even those that do not favor a lot of it tend to use a little eyeshadow to help to accentuate the eye region.

There are generally just the 2 types of eyeshadow to choose from, powder and cream eyeshadow. As a rule it is the powder eyeshadow that prevails. The powder eyeshadow was the first to be widely used and therefore there are far more varieties of color and style of this type available on the open market. This obviously means that it out sells its cream counterpart quite substantially.

The 2 different types of eyeshadow are sold in a rather different manor due to there consistency. Manufacturers will generally sell just the one line of their cream product. This will normally be retailed in a tube or casing with just a single color at a time. Obviously the creams cannot be easily combined and sold together.

The powders products can be sold in the same fashion, in a single container with one color. They are often sold in packaging with multiple colors together in one casing. This is extremely appealing to the buyer as it means that they can attain many different eyeshadow shades with one purchase. Buying the powders in this manor nearly always makes for better value for money too. This fact is always at the back of every shoppers mind.

Although the general consensus is that powdered eyeshadows are best there are still a large number of women out there that prefer the liquid or creamed versions. This will be the individuals that prefer to just use the one color of eye make-up and prefer to apply it with their finger or a brush. This process is much more easy to carry out with a cream than a powder.

Many deem that the build up of creasing only occurs with cream but the powdered ones can have the same effect if enough is applied. There are a lot of products on the market now, both cream and powder that claim to have eradicated the problem of creasing.

Whichever type of design that you prefer there is always the issue as to where to purchase. You need to be sure that you are attaining not only the best price but also a good quality product. This is particularly important as you will be applying this to your eye region and any damage could be catastrophic.

There are many high street stores that stock all of the best known names of eyeshadow that are available on the market today. It is best to steer clear of imitation or copied products as they may well not have been tested properly. As with nearly everything on the market today though the best prices can be found online. All of the high end manufacturers can be found at reasonable prices online. So with the correct amount of research you can find the perfect product to fit your style and budget.