Is your pooch chic? Then you'll need to keep up with the top trends and fashions for dogs.

Fashion for DogsCredit: Bigstockphoto


Clothes for dogs are nothing new, but any dog with style knows that fashion for dogs cannot be found at just any local pet store. A chic pooch follows the  celebrity pooches and knows what designers they are wearing. Learn where you can find fashion for dogs, and just how much having a trendy canine will set you back.

Fur Feather Extensions for Dogs

Love the feather extension in hair look? Several companies now make and sell feather extensions for fur. Fine Featherheads offers Pet Plumes, Puppylocks makes feather fur extensions, and Rockstar Puppy sells feather and crystal hair extensions for dogs. Fur feather extensions for dogs are shorter then for humans and installation and care is much the same as for human hair.  For $25 your pooch can sport her own neon colored rooster plumes.

Feather Extensions for Dogs
Credit: Amazon
Puppylocks Fiji Feather Fur Extension, Short, Turquoise/Hot Pink/White/Neon
Amazon Price: $12.00 $9.07 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 11, 2013)

Designer Clothes for Dogs

A dog with fashion sense cannot be seen shopping at Target or the local pet store for his outfits. A fashionably trendy dog needs custom designer dog wear. And who must your dog be wearing? Haute Puppy Couture’s collection includes a white lace with black trimming race day dress and matching hat, which sells in puppy boutiques for about $125. Tori Spelling’s pug has been spotted wearing Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture. The 2011 fall collection included black tie and birthday party smock dresses in the $75 range. For another $100 you can get the coordinating Swarovski pearl collar.

Charlotte Ruffle Dress Size: Small / Medium
Amazon Price: $10.81 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 11, 2013)

Dog Accessories

No pooch is fully dressed without the accessories. You can add some bling with glue-on (no toxic and not permanent of course) crystal earrings, collar charms, and matching hair bows. Any puppy boutique will supply these.

Dog Designer Collars

If your canine friend just needs dog designer collars to stand out, or wants one or two to coordinate with her collection of designer dog wear, you can find these at more reasonable prices. For under $25 your dog can sport a crystal decorated collar in a favorite collar. Although there are also plenty of choices for higher end designer dog collars. $300 will get you a Swarovski covered leather collar. Another $200 and you can get the matching retractable leash. What dog walk wouldn’t be complete without $500 worth of dog walking equipment?

Of course a truly pampered pooch wouldn’t be seen walking. Instead he would be carried in a $350 Italian leather dog carrier with plush lining for comfort like the Cece Kent Rodeo Drive Carrier sold by Designer Doggy. It comes two color choices and four trim choices. 

Designer Dog Furniture

Fashion for dogs doesn’t end with just what the dog can wear. A fashionable pooch should of course also have a fashionable home. There’s designer dog furniture to fit any canine’s style, from modern style dog beds to Victorian couches and princess beds complete with a canopy. If you need to save some space, you can buy dog bed ottomans or dog bed end tables with an opening for your dog to rest in comfort. Or how about a $6500 Swarovski crystal dog bathtub from Rockstar Puppy?

Designer Dog Bowls

You wouldn’t want your dog’s bowl to be the eyesore of the kitchen. For $25 you can get a cute and colorful dog bowl. But if your dog is into fashion for dogs and wears $100 tutus for her walk out in a $350 Italian carrier, then a $25 “cute” dog bowl will not satisfy your pampered pooch, you may even insult her. For her you will need to get the $225 ash wood dog feeder with granite top and stainless steel bowls sold by the Doggie Couture Shop.