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Several things spring to mind as I think back and remember moments within my career with diverse fashion jobs. While I worked in fashion merchandising for a known British brand people often asked a few things I did for a living. I in most cases sputtered and stuttered seeking to mentally assemble an intriguing answer for what is commonly thought of as a back office, number crunching and generally glum job. At times, someone would think I was engaged in visual merchandising, perking up at the idea of colorful store displays.

“No, no…” I normally would respond, prior to when the listener’s face would fall with disappointment. Although merchandising overlaps with visual merchandising, it will be mainly with regard to the numerical side of fashion or sales analysis. Merchandising fashion depends heavily on margins.

Math in Fashion Careers?

Very basically: if bought for x and sell for y, is there a difference between y-x? Is the number a very large, positive number? If your response is yes then it’s clear you undoubtedly are a natural born merchandiser. Numbers is the game and profit is the main point here.

Fashion merchandising isn’t respected as the most glamorous of fashion jobs, but many don't realize it is one of one of the best paid fashion jobs in the business. Unlike designing, your successes and failures can be simply witnessed in black and white on the particular weekly sales reports printed out every Monday. Should you succeed in selling a lot of the season’s collection (clearing stock), you possibly can rise quickly inside the ranks of merchandising fashion: from an allocator to a merchandiser and finally managing director.

Where does fashion merchandising fit into a head office? Here’s an analogy that might help. If design would be the heart within the fashion machine, merchandising is its brain. Visual merchandising is the eyes of this machine, translating what the brain thinks and the heart feels. The next occasion you think merchandising fashion is a boring, pointless department stashed in the back office of a fashion house, you better think again. It is considered the brain, which drives the actual operation. Without merchandising, fashion simply wouldn’t be profitable.

So, we’ve established why fashion merchandising departments are essential within the various fashion jobs. Now let’s examine if you have got what is required to reach your goals in merchandising fashion. Go through this easy bullet point list of industry inside secrets to fashion merchandising.

The Secrets

Though many people working at fashion merchandising are numerically oriented, they often times make important multi-million dollar decisions on a “gut feeling”. A sure bet is usually the safest bet in fashion merchandising , but sometimes it's necessary to take a risk.
Not everyone in fashion merchandising is accomplished at math. Calculators and programs like Excel allow merchandisers with less than stellar math skills to succeed in an exceptionally competitive industry.
Like free samples? Get first dibs on samples before they may be sold to the public employed in fashion merchandising.
Like knowing when sales start? Never miss another sale employed in fashion merchandising . You may always know if you will get a good price (you decided the markdown, remember?)
Fashion merchandising is secretly where you’ll find the party in any head office. Unlike other departments, merchandising isn’t catty, likes cake and friendly desk chats.