Everyone seems to have their own philosophy about fashion, whether fashion revolves around designer brands or fashion revolves around trends. However, I believe fashion revolves around the idea of concepts. Concepts encompass such ideas as styles and an individual’s style may reflect an individual’s concept.  For example, someone might wear a t-shirt with graphics and baggy pants, someone else may have an edgier appearance with a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and a tie on, or someone else might wear a plain v-neck t-shirt with a vest. These are all difference styles and yet not one is better than the other. These are all different concepts that each individual have and many are similar to everyone else’s.

One possible concept can be hip-hop. To portray a belonging to a hip-hop culture, one may wear some clothes that can be generally coined hyphy/street wear. Many times, these styles include shorts, t-shirts with graphics, and sneakers. However some people wear sometimes a tank-top or a hoodie. Sometimes, individuals will wear a hat with a certain design or marking to them. In modern years, many companies have tried to follow this trend and many have failed, but many have succeeded including LRG, Stussy, and Obey.

Another concept is that of an edgier look and feel. For example, an individual can wear chinos or subtle jeans and a dress shirt either tucked-in or not or jeans and a blazer. This can sometimes be considered business casual and can be worn outside. I’ll sometimes try to incorporate a similar style to this usually or wear a vest rather than a blazer.

This idea that fashion revolves around concepts is not better than other ideas of fashion nor is it any worse. However, this is just another way that some people, including me, think of fashion and this does mean that there are better styles or worse styles. Everyone is different and unique and many times their styles of clothes show that difference whether it’s only subtly or completely different. Many people sometimes look similar especially within social circles. Individuals in social circles may play off each other and sometimes wear clothes that encompass a certain style. Usually social circles are created by people who think similarly or have similar interest and one interest may be clothes. However there are often times where there are “black sheep”, people who just dress differently than the rest of the group to stand out or just because they don’t share similar tastes in clothes. However, this is never a bad thing, but something that is just different.