Consistent, up-to-date writing can become a chore -- even for topics that you deeply love. When it comes to fashion blogging, timely and relevant blogging is important to keep your readers informed and coming back for more. Of course, the search engines like it as well.

To keep you (and your readers) inspired, fashion stock photos can do the trick.

The Idea

Writing fresh new posts can be done with one simple step -- getting that idea that you need to write a post.

The news feeds may not have anything particularly interesting. In the fashion world, there may not be anything that is particularly news-worthy. Nothing may meet your taste.

These kinds of dry spells are not uncommon for any type of blog. Yet, with the fashion world, they can be especially frustrating due to considerations of consistency. Your blog needs to stay up-to-date and fresh with great information.

Nice Fashion Photo

The Role of Fashion Photography for Bloggers

The previous scenario may be all too familiar for you. Yet, when you combine that type of event with hi-res fashion photography, the ideas flow naturally: 

Pictures that prove or expand upon a previous point can make for a great post. For instance, the return of a particular style can be exemplified with fashion stock photos for a helpful illustration.

Be bold. Use a potentially controversial stock photo to get feedback and opinions from readers. This is an excellent opportunity to go viral on social media outlets, as it can lead to plenty of shares/retweets to increase your following.

Present your readers with hi-res fashion photography for inspiration. You could create a "Photo/Style of the Week" or make it interactive, such as by having a poll for a style they'd like to learn more about. With stock fashion photos, you could help them pull off that look in a way that is practical.

Some of the proceeding ideas simply aren't possible without high-quality photos. More to the point, however, is that fashion photography allows you to visually connect with your audience. The possibilities are endless -- but at the end of the day, your readers need to have that visual connection to "get it."

Male Fashion Model

From the Dry Spell to Marketing Gold

It's no secret: Fashion photography can be a great source of inspiration when you don't know what to write about for your blog. Similar to browsing the fashion news for inspiration, photos can have the same effect, where something where spark your imagination.

But don't stop there. Once you are able to supply your readers with great fashion photos, consider ways that will help you market your blog for success. Consider integrating them onto social media platforms and photo-sharing platforms, specifically. You could use them for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns -- or even for a new "cover photo" on Facebook for a different look.

Stock fashion photos can, at the very least, provide that inspiration you need for a fresh new post. They help the reader connect visually with your content and ideas. And at their very best, these photos can be used to improve your site and marketing prowess in many ways.