The one thing that I hate the most about planning for a vacation is the uncertainty about what to wear. Granted, you are a tourist, recognizably so, and the natives will forgive you for your fashion feux pas. Yet, imagine if your favorite jeans from home actually were out of style at your destination? Tragedy!

One way to solve this would be to install fashion webcams in all the major cities. Then you could just take a look around using the internet. (Actually, there is such a thing set up in New York near the Bedford Avenue L train[6093]) However, this has yet to be realized everywhere so your information needs to be gleaned via Google. But, that’s not so simple having tried it myself. There’s a need for global fashion assistance and I feel that I need to do my part. Seeing that I live in the Netherlands, let me give you some fashion tips that will help you not feel like last year’s rummage bin when you visit Amsterdam. Let me warn you, though, I am not a fashionista. I am just a regular woman (pushing 40) observing the trends. In other words, please forgive me if I don’t always use the correct and latest slang.

Flare jeans are so out! Pack your skinny jeans! Yes, I know they make you look fat, but that’s just what they’re into here. Interestingly enough, this rule doesn’t really hold in Germany and Luxembourg. My theory is that in Holland you have much taller women and they can get away with the skinny jeans. This isn’t the case for Germany and Luxembourg, where the women are much shorter and reason had to prevail over the skinny jean trend.

skinny jeansCredit: Maegan

Keep your boots low cut! Again, I know that your closet is filled with knee-high boots, but you’re out of luck. Low is the rule, especially amongst the undergraduates. Wedges are quite trendy at the moment, especially the ankle high ones. If you feel like being more classic, try a stirrup boot or an Ugg variant. Regarding Uggs, they’re still around but you can just feel that they’re on their way out here. Caution is advised!

Mini skirts are good. You see a lot of mini skirts here combined with thick tights (muted colors) and those low boots mentioned above. What you don’t see is a lot of flared skirmini skirtCredit: FaceMePLSts or pencil skirts. Avoid skirts that fall below the knees.

 Tuck your blouse in. This one is a bit tricky. There are moments where a tailored un-tucked blouse will fit the outfit, especially when combined with a nice jacket. In fact, ten years ago, tucking in was almost against the law. But, it’s obvious there’s a rebellion at hand. Those aware of the trends are now tucking in their blouses.

long parkaCredit: parajumper jacket outlet

No thick belts! The thick belts of ten years ago are now being replaced by the sleek, thin versions. Jeans are now being worn with this new style.

Wear a puffy, long parka. This trend is the newest and most appropriate style I’ve seen in awhile. The coat should be black, brown, navy or tan. Fur lining on the hood is preferred. Belted or beltless, they are practical and warm. I believe the trend has to do with the colder winters in the Netherlands. We get snow now!

I really hope this advice helps make planning your trip here a lot less stressful. Good luck with your trip and happy packing!

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