WedgesCredit: Morgue File


There seems to be so many different types of fashion trends today throughout the world.  While some people can pull the ridiculous looking ones off, some are best just left avoided.  These fashion trends may allow you to feel like you “fit in” but in reality, you aren’t doing yourself any good.  This is the list of fashion trends to avoid.

Suits with Shorts: Either you are dressing casual or fancy, there is no in between.  There are several companies who have short suits on the market today.  This outfit comes with a full suit coat and dressy shirt and some matching shorts.  Wearing shorts with a suit just doesn’t cut it.

Tennis Shoes with Suits: This one is almost as bad as wearing shorts with a suit coat.  Tennis shoes and suits just don’t mix.  If you are going to wear a suit you should be wearing somewhat fancy shoes.  If you do wear a suit with tennis shoes, you are better off downgrading and just putting on a jeans and t-shirt so you don’t look silly with this fashion trend.

Wedges: Wedges used to be really popular back in the day.  They have lost some of their popularity but now are starting to come back.  If you are going to wear high heels, then wear regular high heels.  The point of wedges was to help those who have a hard time walking in high heels.  Some people wear wedges just for the look, which I find to be very silly.

Crop Tops: Who goes out in public to show their stomach off?  Well, this has become a popular fashion trend, and it is definitely a fashion trend to avoid if you want to be “in”.  Crop tops may be okay as a cover up when you are at the beach, or if you have a tank top underneath, but if you are wearing it to show off your stomach, it is definitely a no go.

Rompers: I have to admit, some people may actually look good wearing rompers however, rompers are meant for children.  Even older children look silly wearing them.  It is best to let the infants wear one piece rompers.  There is a reason why these outfits are called rompers.  They got their name because it was a piece of clothing that young children could wear to romp around in the house with.

Overalls: If you want to avoid a major fashion trend flaw, then you should avoid wearing overalls. Some people can get away with them; farmers and toddlers.  They are now making different colored overalls which many people are seeing as hip.  Honestly, they just really are not fashionable. 

Poofy Dressy: Although these poofy dresses used to be in style, they simply are not anymore.  Poofy dresses is another fashion trend to avoid.  Some people like to wear baggy clothes.  You can get away with this if you are wearing flared pants which look big or a baggy type shirt.  The general rule is to only have either your top or bottom look poofy.  If your whole outfit looks poofy, people may mistaken you as to be overweight, or you will just look silly.