During the nine months of carrying a child, it's important to exercise and keep fit. After consulting with the obstetrician for guidelines as to when and how much exercise is healthy, it is also important to have comfortable and functional workout gear.

Keep in mind the body temperature rises and lowers pretty rapidly and baby will also be moving around while the exercise process begins. Cotton is always a great choice when shopping for workout clothes; however spandex blends are also great because of their elasticity and ability to re-shape while the body goes through changes in size. Here are a few items to consider as fashionable and functional work out gear for moms-to-be.

Workout in Stretch Fabric Tank Tops

Look for seamless tank tops made of stretch fabric or super soft cotton that allow for stretch during your nine months of pregnancy. A built-in sports bra is another feature to look for while shopping for this item because it offers support while working out. This style of tank top is also great for layering and wearing out before or after the workout. These tank tops are available in skinny spaghetti straps and thicker shoulder straps for more comfort.

Yoga Pants for Moms-to-be

Yoga pants are another great staple to include in a pregnancy wardrobe. Most yoga pants are made of super soft cotton or stretchy spandex blends which allow for movement and comfort during a workout. These pants are also idea because its elastic band allows for use throughout the nine months. Yoga pants are available in a full-length version and Capri lengths, which hit near the calf.

Exercise in Jackets Made from Lycra

Workout jackets made of Lycra fabrics are another great addition to the maternity wardrobe. These jackets are ideal for walks outside during cooler months and are also great to wear before and after a visit to the gym. These jackets allow for comfort and avoid too much moisture.

Sports Bras for Your Workout Repertoire

The maternity sports bra is another essential item to include in the pregnancy workout repertoire. It is very important to feel supported while working out, so it may be advantageous to consult with an experienced sales person and ask about the best features to look for when shopping for a sports bra.

Fitness during pregnancy can be a pleasure as well as a key part of a good health regimen, and the right workout clothes can make each workout more comfortable and pleasurable.