Dreaming of a slimmer body? It is actuallfast weight loss is possibley possible to lose weight fast without having to starve yourself AND get permanent results instead of falling into the nasty yoyo-dieting circle where you lose weight and gain it back shortly after going off the diet. Read on to find out more!

It is important to know what is behind any diet you follow, so the first step towards losing weight is to find out what makes you fat. Here is the theory part in a nutshell: There is one main hormone behind all the body fat accumulation, and that hormone is called insulin. Insulin kicks in when your blood sugar levels get high. Insulin works on lowering the blood sugar levels by storing the excess energy to organs.. and once they run out of storage space, as that feared body fat all around your body! The effect of insulin doesn't end when the blood sugar level is back to normal, but the hormone continues to work even longer causing the blood sugar level to drop even below normal, which makes you feel yourself hungry. This feeling is false since all the body's energy storages are full, but it is hard to fight against hunger, and you will end up seeking snacks soon after you have eaten. The circle starts from beginning. Insulin also tells your body not to burn any body fat.

And now to the most important part: only some foods cause fast elevations in blood sugar levels. These foods are sugar and carbohydrates. If you have a tendency to gain weight, it means your body cannot handle the amount of carbohydrates and sugars you are consuming. Therefore the key to fast fat loss is to restrict your carbohydrate intake.

Restricting the amount of carbs in your food regime has at least four benefits. First of the benefits is that your blood sugar and insulin levels will stay balanced. Your energy levels will stay more stable throughout the day and you will not feel yourself hungry that often. Another result is a change in your metabolism. Sugar and carbohydrates (which is broken down to sugar) are used as an energy source. Once there is no sugar available, the body will start to use fat as the fuel. This is what makes it a real fat burning diet, since the accumulated body fat will get burned as well, and you will start to lose weight fast almost by itself. The third benefit is that low carbohydrate food regimes are very good for your health for several reasons, which mostly have to do with lower sugar and insulin levels in the body. And fourth, you will start to look even prettier! Your hair will shine, your skin will get cleaner (if you suffer from acne, low carb is definitely something to try) and you will get rid of cellulite.

A low carbohydrate food regime might feel strange when first started since you have most likely been told to avoid fats and eat a lot of carbohydrates, but once you get going, you will see the benefits yourself. The low carb food regime is not really even a diet, it is more like a lifestyle... and you will love it!