Everybody knows that feeling of craving a hamburger from your local restaurant; however, I am absolutely certain that the craving will be crushed once you are finished reading through these fast food facts. Many people know about the negative effects that eating an unhealthy meal will have on their body; however, they still choose to eat it because they are either unaware of the degree of the negative effects or they simply do not care. The frightening fast food facts that are presented to the reader throughout this article will not change the mind of an individual that simply does not care about the negative effects on their body; however, I am sure that they will change the minds of anybody that is unaware of the degree of negative effects.

Well Known Fast Food Facts-They Are Fattening

I think that even the ants that are crawling on the ground know how fattening these fast food are; the media has made it a point to let us know, and the fast food restaurants even present the nutritional facts of their meals to their customers. This is definitely one of the most well known fast food facts on the market because it is usually what scares people away from eating them the most. I am almost sure that if a Big Mac combo from McDonald's would help people to lose weight, many more individuals would be eating them on a regular basis!

Unknown Fast Food Facts-They Cost More

Some people have a misconception that eating a meal from a fast food restaurant will cost them the same amount of money or less than eating from the groceries that they find at the grocery store; however, this is absolutely false. It may seem cheaper at first because you are only dishing out $8 at a time, rather than $100 at a grocery store; however, dollar for dollar, $100 will take you much farther in a grocery store than it will in a fast food restaurant. One of the most unknown fast food facts is that eating them will hurt your wallet a lot more than simply going shopping for food at a grocery store.

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Shocking Fast Food Facts-They Have Preservatives

The fact of the matter is that it is not the hamburger that is being deemed as unhealthy, because a hamburger that was cooked on your own barbeque is not that bad; however, it is the fact that the hamburger has a ton of preservatives in it that makes it unhealthy! The number one rule of business is to buy in bulk; however, buying in bulk with food is hard because the meat may go rotten or stale...that is without preservatives. However, buying foods that are packed with preservatives in bulk is an easy way to increase profits for fast food companies, and is one of the most shocking fast food facts that surrounds the food market.

Fast Food Facts That Will Hurt Your Stomach-Most Of It Is Pre-Cooked

Have you ever wondered why it takes you 30 minutes to cook that hamburger at your house from start to finish, but it only takes a mere 5 minutes to order and receive a hamburger at your local fast food restaurant? This is mainly because most of the food is pre-cooked with preservatives added, and is basically heated up on a grill after you order it! This is not to say that all restaurants do this, but the majority of them do! If you have been reading all of these fast food facts diligently, this is the one that will definitely hurt your stomach upon reading it.

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Fast Food Facts That Will Make You Feel Guilty-They Are Unhealthy

Aside from the simple fact that a hamburger and fries will make you gain weight, you are also doing a ton of damage to your body internally...things that you cannot see. There are countless amounts of things that are packed inside of those hamburger and fries that allow them to take the trophy of being unhealthy; things like preservatives, chemicals, and other bad things. The unhealthy thing about all of these is that they are unnatural, and not meant for consumption by the human body. This is the portion of the fast food facts that you should be wondering why you at all of those hamburgers and fries when you were younger!

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With all of these fast food facts in mind, it is a wonder why absolutely anybody eats these kinds of meals on a regular basis. Realistically, there is nothing wrong with satisfying a craving every once in a while with a hamburger, fries, and a pop; however, eating this kind of meal on a regular basis will literally kill the various aspects of your body. Keep these fast food facts in your mind during the next time that you would like to order an unhealthy meal, and you will surely reconsider the decision that you are about to make.