If you are serious about wanting to build muscle, you can’t go about it half heartedly and just do whatever exercises you can think of in any random order.

There are plenty of muscle building exercises that will help you, however, you must be consistent and you must be prepared to give it your all or else you will end up hurting yourself and not receiving any benefits from the workout.

Once you begin to understand that there are extreme differences between muscle building exercises and other exercises which are designed to merely give you definition you will be able to more easily pick your goal and ultimately your body.

Besides, if you are already exercising, then you probably already know what you want and are just looking for some guidance to the right muscle building exercises to help you along to your goals.

Compound exercises are the muscle building exercises that will help you gain mass. These are the most commonly used exercises in body building. Compound exercises work more than one part of your body at a time, which is why it is known as compound, by making them lift the weight.

For example, a well known exercise is the bench press. The bench press is commonly used as a chest exercise, however it is also providing stress of the secondary nature to the muscles contained in the shoulders, biceps and triceps, which is what makes it a compound exercises.

Squat thrusts are another example of compound exercises. These muscle building exercises can be used to make your muscle mass larger; however that is not what they were originally designed for.

These particular exercises are meant to be used less often so that you don’t pack on massive amounts of muscle too quickly and injure yourself or your body’s health.

If you are not looking for muscle building exercises but want more definition instead, then you want to begin focusing more on isolated exercises.

Isolation exercises don’t mean be alone. In fact, it’s always good to have a workout partner. Isolation exercises only focus on one working out one muscle mass at a time in comparison to compound exercises which we talked about previously.