Most of us have at one point or another needed to find a fast safe weight loss strategy for when time is tight and we need to lose weight quickly. Can weight loss be both fast and safe?

Yes, it can be, but rapid weight loss diets are only recommended for brief periods of time and not extended dieting. Consider rapid weight loss strategies as a short term endeavor rather than a long term weight loss strategy to maximize both your success rates and diet safety.

Are There Any Safe Weight Loss Pills?

Most over the counter weight loss pills are considered safe for short term use, however, be aware that some diet pill supplements have not been approved by the FDA. In order to reduce your risks of losing weight rapidly with diet supplements and pills, choose a diet aid that has been approved by the FDA.

Are There Any Fast, Safe Weight Loss Diets?

Diets with rapid weight loss in the first two weeks have varying safety. Some have found the low carb diets such as Atkins and Protein Plus to help you shed excess weight rapidly by increasing the amount of weight loss due to large amounts of water excretion. Carbohydrate holds onto water in your body, while high protein and low carbohydrate diets induce dieresis or extra urination. The end result is that you shed excess pounds rapidly due to water weight loss. I can not speak to the long term safety of either plan, so please do your own research, but on a short term basis rapid weight loss in the immediate result. Even if it is water, you will feel much less stuffed or bloated.

What about Fasting Diets for Quick and Safe Weight Loss?

Some have gotten good results with the Hollywood Diet which is a semi fasting type diet. I would caution anyone considering losing weight quickly with fasting or semi fasting to do some reading about the long term physiologic effects on the metabolism of losing weight with fasting diets. There has been some current research to indicate that fasting may do damage to the metabolism.

So, are there really any fast safe weight loss diets? The truth is that your body pays a price for losing weight quickly. Both the quality and safety of weight loss products and supplements also vary widely. For the safest method of weight loss, slower and balanced is usually safer as is dieting under the supervision of a trained professional.