I have 33 articles so far I have wrote for InfoBarrel. The earnings the last few days have been amazing. Google Adsense does not allow me to disclose much about my earnings but here is what I can share.

First, if you are not currently a member of InfoBarrel then you can sign up for InfoBarrel here.

I would love to make $1,000 a month writing for InfoBarrel. The first few days on Infobarrel I only had one click on my Adsense for a small amount. The last 3 days my Adsense earnings have drastically increased. The amount I have earned the last few days is small compared to a thousand dollars but I feel I am getting closer to my goal every day.

I crunched some numbers. With the CPM I am making with Google Adsense since I have become a member of InfoBarrel it will only take 541 total articles to average $1,000 per month. This is motivating because I already have 33 articles.

The number of articles will need to write to make a $1,000 a month will fluctuate depending on the type of articles I write. My sports articles do not make as much as my other articles. So far with my current Moon Landingaverage CPM it will only take 541 articles to make $1,000 per month on InfoBarrel.

After I complete this article I will have 34 articles published on Infobarrel. I will need 507 more articles for InfoBarrel to reach a $1,000 a month in InfoBarrel earnings. If I write only 4 articles a day I will be achieve this around April 16th of next year. This is very exciting to me.

I do not expect to be the first InfoBarrel writer to make $1,000 a month but I am confident I will join the InfoBarrel 1K club next year. (I'd like a green jacket please like they give to the Golf Masters winners! )

We also have the benefits of additional income on Infobarrel through Chitika. I have been earning with Chitika. Not very much yet but I expect the amount I earn with Chitika to increase as I get many more articles added to my InfoBarrel Folio.

I have not been this excited about something for a long time. The second Payment I received for writing for the Examiner was around $150.00 for one months worth of work. I thought the Examiner rate of pay was amazing (It Is) but it does not come close to the potential InfoBarrel has.

The amount of earnings I make per thousand visitors on InfoBarrel is drastically higher than Bukisa. I am feeling my goal get closer. I am excited. I am stoked! My excitement over InfoBarrel makes those Amway conventions look tame and quiet.

If we can put men on the moon then I sure as heck can make a thousand bucks month on InfoBarrel.