Fast Weight Loss

Need to be 10 pounds thinner for an event in a week or two? You can be ten pounds thinner with fast weight loss strategies. Here is how to get thin fast:

Moderate Low Intensity Exercise

Go for duration rather than intensity with cardio. The goal is to get your body moving at a level that you can begin to metabolize fat. Moderate intensity exercise allows you to tire less quickly and exercise continuously for a longer period of time, allowing for maximum fat burning.

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Water, yes water and nothing else will help you to wash to by products of fat metabolism from your body and clear your system of toxins. Why should you be concerned about a variety of toxins in your system? Toxins from both the environment and metabolic processes make your metabolism more sluggish over time. With an appropriate amount of water, your metabolism has the one substance it needs most to help it run at peak efficiency.

Eat a Healthful Balanced Diet

While your goal is to reduce your caloric intake to about 1200 to 1400 calories for women, and about 2000 calories for men, your goal is also to not let your body sense starvation. When your body senses a drastic reduction in calories the first thing it does is lower your basal metabolism to conserve. Unfortunately, burning fewer calories is not the way to lose weight. Crash diets may get the first 20 pounds off quickly, but if they lower your metabolism in the process, you can be certain that you will gain back all of the weight you just lost and then some in the long run. Don not set yourself up for more weight to lose and a cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

The vitamins and minerals you consume in fresh fruits and vegetables are important to more than just your general health. They are essential for helping your metabolism to function as it should and keep burning fat. Vitamins and minerals are often what are called coenzymes. Coenzymes are responsible for turning on an enzyme so that it is functional. Every stage of the fat burning cycle requires an enzyme to make the reaction work. If you have limited vitamins and minerals on hand to fuel the reactions in fat catharsis, you will weigh down your metabolism and burn fat less efficiently. Insuring adequate vitamins and minerals is essential to keeping your fat loss at a high rate

With just a few simple strategies you can be losing weight at a rapid pace and improving your general health and well being at the same time. Science does not lie, and finally here are some easy rapid fat loss strategies that make sense.