Three Powerful Real Life Weight Loss Stories


So many look for that “magic bullet” that will allow them to lose weight  and to do it fast. Someone who has lost weight appears. The first response is to ask them how they did it. Expected replies include news on the latest fad diet or even bariatric surgery. Yes, everyone is in seaWeight Loss Storiesrch of that magic bullet. What IS the rapid weight loss bullet? Consider real life case studies, all of which demonstrate that answer embedded in the story.


Real Life Case Study One

A woman in Colorado lost over 300 pounds over three years. That IS fast weight loss for 300 pounds. She still has a bit to go, but she started at close to 600 pounds. How did she do it? No doubt she had tried every “magic bullet” out there over the years before landing at that massive weight. Friends afraid of losing her expressed their concern. She had to do something. An intervention took place. She had hit bottom. She adopted the term of endearment, “sweat equity,” and just decided to take her life back. Weight owned her life, and she literally took it back. Making the decision  to make losing weight a priority led to concrete actions. Afraid to be seen in normal gym attire, she went to the gym but just stayed away from the unwanted stares by at first staying off the equipment such as treadmills. Rather, she walked back and forth the length of the pool. She hired a personal trainer and adopted a nutrition plan.  The reader now has to understand correctly that the diet was one of healthy foods. Sadly, most people know what those healthy foods are. Adopting the habit of using healthy foods in the daily diet is the tricky part. This Colorado success story involves no fad diets, no shortcuts, and no bariatric surgery. What was the magic bullet?

Real Life Case Study Two

Let’s switch to a male example. A man started at 475 pounds and lost close to 300 pounds. This weight loss hero says in his blog that a decision began it all. It was not a choice involving a fad diet or surgery. He was a taxi driver and began to experience shortness of breath, a racing heart, and sweating. He got scared. An internal intervention of sorts took place with that scare. Research came first as this was a person who knew little about nutrition. He chose to learn about how his body worked like a machine. Following that investigation, the decision involved exercising and cutting out salt and fried foods. That information went into operation. Neither pills nor surgery were part of the solution plan. Exercise and diet with knowledge of how both interact were.

Real Life Case Study Three

A man stayed active in his college years, scuba diving, playing golf, and in general living an energetic lifestyle. Twenty years later, he found himself sixty pounds overweight and pretty much had quit that active lifestyle. Bad diet, lots of fast-food meals, and a complete lack of exercise brought him to that point. He had no real desire to change, and certainly was not going to a gym looking as he did. A gym had opened just around the corner from his house. Then, one day, getting ready for a college theater production in which his youngest son was acting, he experienced shortness of breath, sweating, and sudden dizziness. Scared to death would be an apt description of his reaction. The doctor could be criticized by some for his response to the episode, but this doctor changed the person’s life. As he had already prescribed medication to control high-blood pressure, the physician told the man that he was not sure what the event was but would run tests to find out. He assured the patient, however, that he would at some time see him in the emergency room if he did not start respecting and taking care of his body. Increased medication to control ailments such as high-blood pressure was as he put it, “the band-aid on the life-threatening wound.” The man left with increased medication in hand but scared. On his way home, he made a decision. He stopped by the gym, bought a membership, and hired a personal trainer.  Plus he engaged the services of  a dietician, right there at the gym. The next day, his life change began. He did NOT lose weight extremely fast. Rather, he started down a steady, determined path.  Once at his goal weight, he returned to scuba diving and even became a certified instructor. Traveling the world on scuba trips is now his passionate pastime. At sixty pounds overweight, about as far as he was willing to go was to the couch in search of the remote.

Real Weight Loss

Where is the magic bullet promised? Think to the three real-life examples. All three are arguably influential, motivating examples of how to lose weight. What do they have in common? There are three commonalities in the cases.

1. They made a decision for their life and health, beyond just vanity of how they looked.

2. They hit bottom and mentally dug in to make a commitment to get healthy.

3. An intervention of some sort took place. Sometimes, people intervened. With others, a scary situation intervened.

Make a decision.  Make weight loss a  priority.  Free research online is available on nutrition and exercise.  Information is easy to get without the cost of a trainer or dietician although those entities certainly can be helpful. None of this is to say that rapid weight loss methods, pills, or bariatric surgery do not work. Many case studies point out that they do. Whether or not they are lasting is often the debate.  Even if the dieter decides to use some of those strategies, consider the case studies.  These three real life case studies  point to the powerful motivator of mind control and determination.  

In the end, there are two magic bullets;

  1. making a decision to lose weight for good
  2. determination

Go for reasonable weight loss goals.  Firm decision making and determination will get the dieter to that goal.