Lowering Car Insurance Premiums

Did you know there are several fast and easy ways to lower your car insurance payments and premium? If you do a few of these fast and simple tricks you can lower you car insurance payments by up to $50 a month, possible even more. Nobody likes paying a high price for car insurance, but thankfully there are a couple of easy ways to lower you car insurance payments today.

How Can I Lower My Car Insurance Premium?

People pay different prices for their car insurance, anywhere from $80-100 a month to over $200-250 a month. It depends on what type of car you own, what year and your driving history. We will use an example of someone who pays $150 a month for their insurance and discuss several ways we can get the payments down to at least $120 a month, for a minimum of $30 in savings.

#1 - Taking a Defensive Driving Course to Lower Your Car Insurance

This is one way you can lower your payments and it's not very hard, either. Most car insurance companies, like GEICO, offer this as an option and will guide you through what you have to do to take advantage of this cost-saving measure. I personally took a defensive driving course online with GEICO and now am saving around $10 a month. The course cost about $50, but it was well worth the monthly savings!

Estimated Savings: $20 a month.

#2 - Be a Good Driver!

What is the simplest way you can lower you car insurancepremium? This is probably it. Just by being a good driver and being accident free for 5 years should get you a discount. Some car insurance companies will also lower your premium after you turn 25 years old.

Estimated Savings: $5-10 a month. 

#3 - Switching How You Pay for Your Car Insurance - From a Credit Card to a Bank Account

Did you know that if you switch your payments from a credit card to an electronic bank transfer, you can save some money?I recently did this with GEICO and I was shocked to learn that I am saving $4 a month! It's very easy to do this and it makes perfect sense - plus you won't have to pay interest on your credit cards.

Estimated Savings: $5 a month.

#4 - Buy a Car With Safety Features

If you purchase a car that has anti-lock brakes or daytime running lights, as well as an anti-theft device, you can save money on your car insurance. A passive restraint system such as airbags and automatic seat belts can also save you money.

Estimated Savings: $10 - 20 a month.

#5 - Get Your Partner or Family Member on Your Insurance With a Multi-line Discount

This is a discount applied to your policy when your spouse or eligible partner has an eligible, related policy with your insurance. It's an easy way to save money on your car insurance premium. 

Estimated Savings: $20-30 a month.

As you can see, there are many fast and simple ways you can lower your car insurance premium!

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