People always want a solution to their problem quickly. Furthermore, they want to exert as least effort as possibly to attain the goal. This also goes for weight loss. However, there is no magic pill that will instantly make you slim. But there are ways to make the process of losing as much weight as possible in a short time more effective. The Pareto law is a good example of this. The Pareto law entails that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. This is true for almost all areas of life, but especially weight loss. If you perform a few things effectively, you will make greater gains. The purpose of this article therefore is to apply this law to the process of becoming slimmer.

Kettle bell workout

One of the best exercises is without doubt the kettle bell workout. Not only does it work superb in fat loss, it also creates tight but cheeks. Finally it is great fun to do! One of the best features of the kettle bell is that it can be used for any part of the body, and therefore the kettle bell is often called the ‘total gym’. Finally, kettle bell workouts do not only make you stronger, but also improve your stamina, grip, flexibility and balance.

Short and intense

Many people think that in order to lose a lot of weight, they have to spend hours and hours in the gym running on a treadmill. This is not true. Actually, it is better to have a short but intense training, than a training that lasts for hours but isn’t that intense.


There are many products on the market that promise to make you slim in a few weeks without having to do anything rather than consuming the capsules. Most of the times, this is just pure marketing. Scammers want to make as much money as possible of people who try to lose weight. However, there are some supplements that actually will make the process of slimming easier:

  • Goji Berries
  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Liver cod oil capsules
  • Whey protein

Especially protein helps you to lose weight. It is recommended to consume lots of proteins in your daily diet. Whey protein is the easiest way of consuming enough protein. You can also eat protein rich foods, but this will be costly and will take lots of time in preparing meals.


In order to lose weight as fast as possible you are recommended to perform the kettle bell workout at least twice a week. Furthermore it really helps if you train short, but with great intensity. Finally, consuming supplements on a daily basis will greatly speed up the process. However, it has to be noted that taking supplements alone is not enough to lose weights. If you only consume supplements and do not exercise on a regular basis, the supplements will have little or even no effect at all. Therefore it is recommended to combine the three tips given in this article to lose lots of kilo’s in a short time span.