Now a days losing weight has become a very serious issue for a lot of us. For starters, think of all of the young girls who are uncomfortable with they see infomercials with supermodels and beautiful women with expensive jewelry. Another issue worth speaking on is how the US calls obesity a "disease" and advertises products that are supposed to "cure" your "disease", yea right! This kind of behavior is no doubt going to have a nation begging for help. That's one reason why you see so many fast food restaurants serving fast food.... if you think about it, the restaurants that sell gourmet food and nice chef salads charge you an arm and a leg for two plates. Now burgers and fries are only like 99c a piece. So, a county in recession, people are overweight, hungry, no transportation and a burger joint right down the road. Hell yea you help but spend money on cheap food if it going to get the full for the night. If I could show you a way to lose body weight beyond your wildest beliefs, would you believe me? No cardio, no painful weightlifting, no buying dvds and watching other fit people work out and absolutely no pills or supplements at all! My name is Mike Geary and I used to weight over 346 lbs. In my 3rd year of college I started to research more on the human body and how it absorbs certain foods. What I learned not only surprised me, it got me very anxious to try it for myself. To my amazement, I lost 6 lbs the first 9 days of implementing my research. My friends and family had started to notice my rapid weight loss by the 5th week. I had quickly gotten rid of 20 lbs. A few muscles started to form and I started gaining a little more energy every single day. To this day people, I have trimmed down over 159 lbs using the techniques and methods I learned while I was in college. Be as sexy and slim as you want to be. Don't let the media con you into buying bogus memberships to weight loss clinics, or buying tons and tons of pills every month. These things can harm you or even kill you over time. If you really feel the need to invest money in your weight loss goals, then please take my advice and choice someone who knows what they are talking about. I have multiple degrees in weight loss and I am also a certified personal trainer. I have devoted my entire life to helping as many people as possible achieve the same weight loss goals as I have. Together I will help you lose weight. If you are ready to burn off massive pounds then visit my site learn the truth about weight loss. Slim down and look SEXY with the only proven method for fast effective weight loss. Take it from a Certified Personal Trainer.