Everyone knows that the fastest way to lose weight is by starting a calorie controlled diet plan combined with exercise. Whilst this is the correct answer, there is much more to losing weight that just doing a bit of exercise and cutting back on the calories. Most people want to lose weight and they want to lose it as fast as they can, rapid weight loss is not the key to long term weight loss success.

You should only be looking to lose around 2 pounds every week, if you are losing more weight than this then its highly likely that you are losing lean body mass and this is something that you do not want to be doing. Lean body mass burns a lot more calories than fat, so the more lean body mass that you carrying on your body the better it is for your metabolism and burning calories at rest.

fastest way to lose weightProbably the fastest way to lose weight is to really cut back on the calories, some people even take it to the extreme and virtually starve themselves. This is not the route you should take, not only is it dangerous to your health. But once you return to normal eating the weight will quickly return, what most people don't know is that when you are on a rapid weight loss diet you are actually getting fatter as you lose weight. The key to success is slow weight loss, and not going off what the scales say. What matters most is what your body fat percentage is.

Start a diet plan around 500 calories lower than what you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight, making sure that this diet plan is high in complex carbohydrates and protein and low in fat. Protein is important when dieting because you want to maintain or build on the lean body mass that you are already carrying on your body. High quality protein can be found in whey protein powders, which you can use to supplement your diet with. A good brand of whey protein on the market at the moment is Body Fortess whey protein. Once you have started an healthy balanced calorie controlled diet, its time to start burning those calories off through exercise. The best exercise program for losing fat, should consist of lifting weight three times per week and completing 2 to 3 twenty minute high intensity interval training workouts every week as well. By doing this type of exercise your metabolism will begin to speed up which will result in more calories burnt, which will result in weight loss.

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