The fastest way to lose weight is to get everyone rooting for you. Start an online diary of your weight loss, with photos of you and what you eat. If you have to take photos and come clean about your diet or weight loss plan you are more likely to stick with it. The pressure is what will make it the fastest way to lose weight you will ever find.

My name is Philip Turner.

I am male, obviously

age 57 and 14 stones, 196lbs.

I am 5ft 7in tall.

I am not very active, except 3 or 4 hours a week in my garden

Over the past 10 years I have put on 56lbs. My aim is to lose all that excess weight. I have tried dieting many times. It does not work. This public, blog type article is the fastest way to lose weight, for me at any rate.

My doctor has told me to lose weight. A friend died of a heart attack this year and another one the same age as me survived a heart attack last year. I want to avoid one because I want to live for another 30 years or so. I HAVE to do something about my lifestyle

I am not going to buy any diet pills or special foods. I may count calories or Weightwatchers' Points, but those only help me to stick to a healthy diet. I am basically going to cut down on fat in my diet and eat smaller portions. This is what the doctors tell you to do rather than what the diet plan authors tell you.

I have to adjust my lifestyle FOR EVER. I may have found the fastest way to lose weight, but I have to keep it off afterwards, too. I have to learn to 'Eat to Live', instead of 'Living to Eat' as is the case at the moment, I enjoy food too much. I also must take some exercise every day, starting tomorrow.

Tuesday 20th July 2010, I took a bed apart and that was the only exercise I took.

Breakfast - Cheese, mushroom and onion omelette (2 eggs, fried onions and mushrooms, 2oz cheese), 2 slices of bread and butter

Snack - Peach

Lunch - Pasta Bolognese with cheese sauce. (2oz dried pasts, 6oz lean minced beef, 1/2 can tomatoes, 2oz cheese, milk)

Tomorrow- Fastest Way to Lose Weight Plan –Day 1

Wednesday 21st July

5am got up

6am Walk 1 hour, including pulling 2 branches all the way home, uphill for mulch

7am Check IB, Shower

8am Breakfast - sugar-free cereal, peach, kiwi, pear, skim milk

10am Snack - boiled egg (I actually burnt the boiled egg)

12pm Lunch - Lentil soup (home-made, lentils, carrots, parsnip, stock cube, turmeric)

2pm Snack - 3 strawberries

4pm Dinner - Big helping blogonese, no pasta, no cheese, mixed veg

7pm Snack – Peach, 3 TUC crackers no butter

Thursday 22nd July

6.30am Got up, tired, woke up late today

7am Check IB, Shower

8am Breakfast - cereal, kiwi, plum, peach, skim milk

9am Out shopping. I will not get much writing done today

11am Snack 1 banana

12pm Lunch Sinful salami roll with LOTS of salami. The plan was to have soup, but it wasn't cooked. It IS now, ready for tomorrow

1pm IB article writing and posting

2.30pm Dentist

4pm Snack Peach

5pm Dinner Battered fish, 2 potatoes, steamed cabbage, baked tomato

7pm 30 mins light exercise, hoeing garden

I will update this piece every evening with how I got on. No lies, total honesty. What makes this the fastest way to lose weight for me is the pressure I am putting myself under. If I lie and cheat, there is no pressure.

Frisday 23rd July

5am up

5.30am Check IB
6am write IB article and check competition
7am Breakfast Cereal, fruit and skim milk
7.30am More writing
10am Errands
12am Lunch Butterbean, tomato and carrot soup
1pm Odd Jobs
3pm Cook dinner
4pm Dinner Marinated turkey breast, potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, my own fresh peas and broccoli
6pm Snack 3 strawberries and spoon of humus
6.30pm Errands

Saturday 24th July

5.30am out of bed
6am Check IB, write article
7am Breakfast, cereal, fruit, skimmed milk
7.30-12 Write 2 more InfoBarrel articles
12pm lunch Carrot and butterbean soup, small tin of mackerel (in oil)
1pm - 3pm more article writing
4pm -7pm gardening 3hours steady exercise
7pm Dinner half tim salmon on 2 slices bread

Sunday 25th July
5am up
6am resist bacon
7 am Breakfast cereal and fruit and half tim of salmon (very strange)
8am Finally start coming up with today's four articles I need to write to hit my self imposed target
9am start writing. 3 articles done by 12pm
12 Lunch Home made kidney bean and brwon lentil soup
2pm Finish fourth article, but Internet connevtion down again. Get changed to go and work in the garden
5pm Dinner BBQ chicken thighs and drumsticks, with skin and potatoes, and a beer
6pm Tidy up outside
7pm Shower and upload articles to Infobarrel, including photos from my garden

Monday 26th July
5.30am up
6am check InfoBarrel and email for new comments
7am Start searching for today's titles. Find 4
8am Breakfast. Cereal, fruit, 2 boiled eggs
8.30am Start writing
12am Lunch butter bean and roast zucchini soup (home made) 2 crackers with butter and cheese
2pm Internet fails, but I have all 4 articles live on IB
2.30pm Out in garden tidying up. Sawing trees and branches for firewood, today's exercise (hand saw)
5.30pm Exhausted with heat
6pm Shower
6.30 Dinner Bolognese out of freezer with pasta and cheese and 4 slices of swiss roll (cake)

Hope I burnt off most of cheese with sawing, if not, time will tell. Feeling better for eating less fat though

Tuesday 27th July
5.30am up Got on scales 3 pounds DOWN Whoopee
6pm Check IB
7am Look for today's article titles, find 6
8am Breakfast Cheerios and skimmed milk. Grilled bacon rashers, 1 poached egg and 1 slice toast with not much butter.
9am Start writing
11am Internet Crash
12pm Lunch Soup, liquidised broad bean and Zucchini from yesterday
1pm Writing again
2pm Internet still down, nod off. Finish writing article number 4. Abandon Number 5 & 6
4pm Dinner Salmon, rice and mixed veg. 5 crackers with butter and cheese.
8pm Internet comes back to life. Upload my last 3 articles

I am doing this primarily to help myself become fitter and thinner and I will be totally honest when I 'fall'.