Fastest way to capture a screenshot or image from your browser and save to your computer

There are many ways you can do a screen capture of what you are seeing on your desktop or your browser. There is the old way of hitting the "print screen" button and pasting the captured screen into word or another application.

Nowadays there are free and paid applications that will take a screenshot or cut an image and save it to your computer. There are also plugins or extensions in browsers that will do the same. I have experimented with a few and I have found the fastest way to capture an image from your browser and quickly save to the computer.

I wrote another article called "How to use professional images on InfoBarrel for free" and I mentioned in one of the steps that you will need to do a screen capture to save the image to your computer. Now you will find out the best way I do this task.

Things You Will Need

Here are the prerequisites for your task:

-The Google Chrome Browser
-Lightshot extension for chrome.
(See installation instructions if you don't have it installed)

Installation instructions (bypass this step if you have the prerequisites)

1. Go to and click the "Download Google Chrome" button. Download the installation and run it after it has downloaded.

2. Launch Google Chrome and click the "wrench" icon on the far right of the browser and select the "extensions" menu item.

3. Click the "Get more extensions" link on the page and type "Lightshot" in the search box

4. Click the lightshot link in the search results page

5. Click the "Install" button on the Lightshot extension description page

You will now see the lightshot icon at the top right of the chrome screen.

How to do capture quickly:

Step 1: Launch Gooogle Chrome and go to the webpage or image that you want to grab or capture to your computer.

Step 2: Click the Lightshot extension icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 3: The whole screen will darken. Click and drag with you mouse over the selected area you want to capture. After release your mouse click, you will see some icons below your selected area.

Step 4: Click the disk icon to save it to your computer. Name your file and click save and you are done!
This is the fastest way I have found to do a screen capture. It is also extremely easy and free! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy screen capturing!

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