Eat your way to a new skinnier “you” with fat burning soups.

I think I am probably a lot like you. I love to eat and I eat to love! My passion is found in satisfying my appetite while trying to keep from “blowing up” out of proportion… in other words I strive to keep from becoming obese! And as I age I have discovered that what I eat tends to attach itself to my thighs, hips, waistline, and belly most of all. But since I discovered how healthy and fulfilling homemade soups can truly be I have learned to love my body more because I now find I can keep it under control even as I eat a satisfying daily diet.

Just stock up on a few ingredients (cost is about $25) and get creative! Thes simple ingredients can help you create great fat burning soup recipes.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ingredients that will get you started:

1) Several bunches of green onions

2) 4 large green cabbages

3) 4-6 large ripe tomatoes (or 6 cans diced tomatoes – salt free)

4) 2/3 bunches of celery with leaves attached

5) 3-4 green bell peppers

6) 2-3 red bell peppers

7) 3 pounds carrots

8) 2# box brown rice

9) 5# bag small red potatoes

10) 3-4 bunches baby spinach leaves

11) 3-4 packages of dry onion soup mix

12) Spices, fruits, and flavorings you like to taste such as paprika, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, low sodium beef stock, chili powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, basil, oregano, & a few fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, tangerines, and pomegranates. When you add flavoring you like it will be so much easier to eat what you fix!

Cabbage Soup for the Soul

I lost 22 pounds in one week using cabbage soup variations! It truly does work! If you can convince yourself to eat soup as an appetizer before every meal you will see amazing results in just a few weeks! Eat a 6 to 10 ounce size bowl of soup just before your meals and you will feel so full you will not eat much of the “guilty” types of foods and you will be full for several hours after as well. No matter what you eat, if you only eat that food 3 or 4 times every day you will soon be sick of it! So just try to eat more soup than other foods and you will win!

Once you’ve stocked up on veggies seasonings and fruits the fun begins!

The beauty of these recipes is they are so easy anyone can make them! You eat a steaming warm bowl of soup before a meal and you feel full! The soup consisted of leftovers from the previous weeks meals. Such items as leftover vegetables, fruits, bread, and even meats were simply simmered until the flavors were intermingled and everything was soft and delicious! Throw in some salt, pepper, onions, potatoes, carrots, and whatever sounded good and you had a meal or an appetizer for the family during the next few days.

Cabbage Soup #1

Into a large pot add = 1 large head of green cabbage (chopped), 3-4 green onions (chopped), 1 yellow onion (chopped), 2-3 large carrots (chopped), 2-3 celery stalks, 1 large green & 1 large red bell pepper (sliced thin), 1 package onion soup mix, 2 14 oz cans low sodium beef broth, water.  Use the empty beef broth cans to add water, about 3-4 cans worth or just enough to cover all the veggies. This one is so easy! Simply add all above ingredients and stir until well mixed then put on medium heat and once it simmers (forms tiny bubbles) cover and turn heat to medium low just so it keeps simmering but not actually boiling. Let it set for at least one hour before serving. You can add more of some ingredients if you prefer such as more carrots or celery. These veggies are all very low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals so enjoy all the soup you can hold! Add a smaller bowl to your lunch pail or as a snack after school or work. This will fill you up and keep your tummy happy for hours!

Everything but the kitchen sink soup recipe

Recipes are meant to be changed, altered, edited, and will vary from home to home and that’s what works best for each of us! There are so many kinds of  soup recipes to lose weight. Try adding cabbage into a large pot half filled with water or a combination of water and low sodium vegetable stock. When it begins boiling add in your favorites like carrots, 2 cups brown rice, small red potatoes, green and red bell peppers, and onion soup mix. If you like it spicier try adding in red pepper flakes (about ½ teaspoon). Just throw in whatever sounds good and you will have your own personalized soup recipe you can show off at the next dinner party you throw!

Fat Burning Soup Recipes – A Nutritious And Tastier Way To Lose Weight